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  1. tommie

    DR650 Rear Wheel Bearings Toast

    In my DR350, the originals were sealed only on the outer side.. not the inner side where water can and will accumulate. Knock the bearings out, get the numbers off of them and go to a discount auto parts store or a tractor supply. They should be about 6 bucks each instead of 25 bucks apiece, and they will be permanently sealed on BOTH sides and last forever!! good luck BTW the bearing numbers for a DR350 STREET circa '93 are 6204 for the wheel bearings and 6205 for the sprocket cush drive bearing.
  2. tommie

    shenango ?

    Yes it is open, but will be closing for the season in a week or two?? I rode it several times this year , after getting back into trail riding after 20 years lol.. It is slightly smaller than it used to be with more boudaries...it was closed several years due to riders going outside the boundaries and causing "erosion" near the lake. It is severly muddy after raining and no grooming.. BAD BAD BAD ruts from ATVs and several hidden sinkholes that swallowed up my DR350 up to the tank.. but it is a BLAST when drier.. I live 1/2 hour from there.. where are you at?? tommie
  3. tommie

    DR 350S model differences? What to look for used.

    '94 was the first year with electric start.. other than that , maybe someone else can be more specific. I love my 93 even tho it is kick only. I plan on cutting an inch or 2 out of the seat foam when time allows.. other than that it is great!! The stock gearing is always too tall for trail riding so I replaced the stock 14T front sprocket with a 13, giving it a 3.54 gearing, but plan on replacing both front and rear sprockets next year. Stock rear is 46.. but I'll use a 50 with a 14 tooth to lower the gearing even more. A 14T front will wear the chain better than a 12 or 13.. not as tight a radius for the chain to go thru!!
  4. tommie

    Anyone have a stock exhaust they want to sell me?

    Same here except I need a DR350 muffler to experiment on. Mine came with a Cobra and it was so obnoxioulsy loud I Ebayed the heck oughta it.. now the stocker is so quiet I can't stand it. I drilled 3/8 holes all around the outer perimeter of the end cap and it sounds like a wet fart. Anybody have a stock DR350 muffler?
  5. tommie

    93 DR350 stock exhaust mod anyone??

    yes mine I drilled too.. on the outermost edge.. further in was the packing. I drilled one hole in the innermost area and decided it was thru the packing and didn't want it to all blow out so I welded that one shut and drilled 3/8 holes around the outer edge.. except for the portion that would direct the hot gasses towards the fender. it makes a bit more noise now but not like I wish..
  6. tommie

    93 DR350 stock exhaust mod anyone??

    I don't want a LOT of noise but would like to hear the bike lol.. and don't want to spend a fortune for an aftermarket exhaust.. I already sold the one that was on the bike when I got it anyway lol.. Has anybody done anything similar to Jessie with the exhaust?? I'd like to make it a bit louder. Or does anyone have a STOCK muffler so I can experiment with mine and if I ruin it, I'll have a backup????? tommie