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    DRZS Off Idle Jump

    Good catch. I found a little rough spot on one of the slide fins, buffed it out, resolved 60% of the problem. Also found a little air leak at the intake manifold boot. Tightening the boot clamp doesn't quite stop all of the leak. Would a little waterproof grease work on that connection to seal it?
  2. My post from yesterday disappeared last night. I have a DRZS with stock exhaust, 3x3 mod, DJ kit, 134 MJ, 3rd clip, 25 PJ, 2.5 turns fuel screw. I ride mostly at 3000 to 7000 ft. It runs great at 1/4 throttle and up. But, the engine rpm jumps abruptly from idle to about 1/16 throttle. No bog or cough when rolling on, but can't finesse that low speed for tight trails. Also, some surging at low rpm & higher gears, like in a school zone, again at throttle just off idle. Fuel screw in to 1.0 will cause stumble, but no stumble out to 3.0+. Can you help me work this bug out?