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  2. #30
  3. I found it on YouTube
  4. The spacers come with the light
  5. Are the sprockets are new and your chain old??
  6. Others idea???
  7. yes One thing is bizzard on the other side of the vacuum release plate. As if the coat of (teflon<<< i think) is missing at few places. pic in my garage.
  8. as if the vacuum is holding the play between the link arm and the throttle valve.
  9. exemple>> with the bike running, the carb cap off,if i pull the throttle valve up with my fingers or a hook i can recreate the same hanging in the idle.
  10. yes the throttle back smoothly
  11. The loose i described to start my thread is between the 2 little rollers on the link arm #16 and the throttle valve #19. I can move slighty the throttle valve up and down---->>>>normal or not ???? the 2 littles rollers are intact , no flat spot.
  12. Testing all done-> while the idle is hanging i push the slide down with my finger and the idle drops.
  13. Tomorrow I'm gonna retry this test again to be 100% sure.