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  1. Hey everyone, I put a lot of work into this video along with the help of Monster Energy. Take a look and let me know what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO2DnJ5MxnE
  2. KFoster

    Now that is a crash scene!

  3. KFoster

    lets see your bike!

    My National bike http://img87.echo.cx/img87/3574/dsc004091xz.jpg' alt='dsc004091xz.jpg'>
  4. KFoster

    TT-R 250 on 60' table top

    I did 65 feet on a stock KLX 110 But I'm sure that bike weighs 5 times as much as a 110.
  5. KFoster

    White Brothers Aluminum Race Exhaust - Any Good?

    I'd have to say the Pro Circuit T-4 setup is the way to go but it'll set you back at least $1000.00.
  6. KFoster

    KLX 110 For Sale

    That was my first post, I'm new and haven't gotten around the site too much. As for pictures, i can get some if your interested.
  7. KFoster

    KLX 110 For Sale

    Hey I'm trying to sell my 02 KLX 110, it has some trick stuff on it and goes pretty good and hasn't been rode much for an 02, heres a list of the after market parts: 130 Big Bore Kit Pro Circuit Exhaust Clutch Kit 4 Gear Trany Carb Kit Works Rear Shock K&N style Filter I'm asking $3000 obo, any questions please call Kristopher at: 1 (250) 851-0249 or email me at kristopher_foster@hotmail.com