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  1. bbibs8

    Best Exhaust

    The tc full exhaust will most torque and horsepower out of any pipe on the market and makes a hell of alot of noise
  2. bbibs8

    xr100 vs. trailblazer250

    OH i would just like to say all the people who said i wouldnt beat him you were wrong i beat beacuse i top out higher
  3. bbibs8

    xr100 vs. trailblazer250

    yeah thats right dan wask some one who understands me. My parents are the biggest supporters of my riding so please back off
  4. bbibs8

    xr 200 pricing

    HI I am thinkg about buying a 1996 xr200 with a pipe on it. The back shock is shot. The guy that is selling it is asking 900 is that a good deal or not
  5. bbibs8

    Bore Kit XR100

    Omg The Thing That N4s Said Was The Funniest Thing I Ever Heard
  6. bbibs8

    xr100 vs. trailblazer250

    im 13 and i just got it a year ago so please dont judge
  7. bbibs8

    xr100 vs. trailblazer250

    his trailblazer is stock to
  8. bbibs8

    xr100 vs. trailblazer250

    Alright first offi would like to apologize about my other thread about 2 strokes being better then 4 strokes. I got bored one night and decided to screw around sorry my bad. Now secondly my friend has a 250 trailblazer and we are going to race soon and i've been all cocky saying ill beat him bad and i've asked around but i want more opinions. WHO DO YOU THINK WOULD WIN WE ARE GOIGN TO RACE ON PAVED SURFACE. My bike is completely stock.
  9. bbibs8

    my xr100's top speed

    i bought mine ised i dotn knwo if it has sock sprockets on it but i can hit 55 best run and two other times 53 and 52. im not sure if it is accurate i was a on a two mile flat and a crotch rocket rode next to me
  10. bbibs8

    YZ85 vs. CRF200, CRF150, CRF230

    all the 4 stokes would blown the balls off the the 85.
  11. 4 Strokes are good for cruising but if you really want performance you should invest in a two stroke. Two strokes may take a lot of matnience but if you can get up off your lazy @$$ and clean them you dont deserve to ride one B*tche$ you know you like it
  12. bbibs8

    exhaust help

    yo to the guy that mentioned the plate thanks i tried it and it sounds a little betterr and is completely reversible i recommmed it to anyone
  13. bbibs8

    exhaust help

    what do you mean by the plate is that the bottom part of exhaust pipe it is like rectangular if not please tell me where it is and how to do it also what do you mean cut the pipe six inches from the head like the header pipe ot the end of the pipe cause i've seen that done
  14. bbibs8

    1995 Xr 100r Mods Help

    what do you guys mean the exhaust tip casue mine is 1995 there is no tip there is just the pipe then the baffle
  15. bbibs8

    xr 100 pricing

    I got a stock 1995 xr 100r and i was wondering if it is worth keeping so can you guys tell me how much you think i could get. It is scratched not too too bad but it is scratched. I bought it for 500 a year ago