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  1. Could be the cap in the crank pin - I think they are hollow with plug in each end
  2. Helicoil thread is a the way to go and is an improvement on the original - Alloy threads will eventually wear if the bolts are removed re-installed often enough.
  3. http://www.ballards.cc/index.php?module=Website&action=Product&content=1094771426299-6287&category=1098251069421-7017&page=5 This is the tool you need for valve adjustment. Makes it so much easier. After market break pins with hex heads are also a great idea.
  4. Standard the XR has a gasket but some of the aftermarket mufflers do away with this gasket. The gasket is about 3mm thick so unless you have this sort of room then a gasket is not requied. I have a staintune muffler on standard hader with no gasket.
  5. Thankyou very much. How do you measure the oil - is it 89mm from bottom? Much appreciated
  6. Can someone please tell me how much pre-load I should allow on my Xr250 when installing new eibech springs. The pamphlet I got with it says 5mm but this does not seem enough to me. You help would be much appreciated.
  7. Should be able to find a shop around you and get shell Vsx4 or similar for about $7.00 litrein your own container. Not sure where you live but Riders edge heidelberg in Melbourne is where I get it
  8. Must be running down through one od the gapss in the head and running out at that point I think. The other thing to check is the banjo and bolt to the chrome oil line running up to the head. It should have a copper washer each side. Unusual (even impossible I think) for an xr to leak oil from head gasket as oil runs in this ext line rather than thru the barrel like some engines and there is nowhere else it could leak from
  9. I have a 93 xr250 and I have bought some eibach springs. In the kit are spings 4 washers and some PVC tube. Done anyone know how to set the forks up, do you replace both top and bottome springs. What do you do with washeres and tube - I assume they are to set pre-load. What difference does re-valving make as I was not planning to do this at this stage. Cheers
  10. Cant see where else it would be other than gasket. you need to clean it and then leave it again for a while and see where it is leaking from.
  11. I think it is a bit small isn't it - I have heard of people running Tm34's on xr250's - Standard 400 carb is 36 I think Cheers
  12. Bullet proof but not oil leak proof. Not a big job to fix, can be done in frame. Have to remomev tank and seat and top engine mount. maybe a couple of hours work max. - Just keep the are clean so you do not end up with a heap of shit in your top end. Air compreser is good for this.
  13. yep - crf230 is a kids / girls bike (literally- I am getting on for my 15yo daughter in a few months) xr250 is a real bike
  14. Ballards are good http://www.ballards.cc/ - they are in penrith but have an excellent mail order system. Serco sell wiseco stuff in queensland and will also mail order I think. Ken Colvin also used to sell wiseco stuff. If you ring Riders edge in heidelberg they will give you his No. where do you live???
  15. Do you have the cap bolts done up when using impact wrench