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  1. Thanks for the help...It is an xt250 my 11 yr. old is pumped.I 'll go through it this week.Thanks again
  2. Hi folks, I was cruising around town when I saw an old guy wheeling this old Yamaha out to the curb.....my son noticed iy had a for sale sign on it.We stopped and looked it over and it was in pretty good shape, I asked him how much and he said how does 150.00 sound..I said SOLD! Now that we have it we need to figure out what we bought. It has a MFG. date of 10/82 and it has an XT logo on the tank.I have several late 70's XT500's and thought this was an xt500 too.The rear susp. is mono shock and the side case say's 1300 c the vin is jya20t000da000358 any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,Zoo9dad