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  1. omnivortex

    2009 Lake Elsinore GP Helmet cam footage

    I was in that same race.. did anybody get the results?
  2. omnivortex

    AMA National this Sunday, the 30th... El Centro, CA YOU COMMING??

    I will be there. Running the A loop only in the vet class. Race number 2.
  3. omnivortex

    Rock'n Rooster Race How Many Miles Total

    Unofficial results are up for the race on the d38 site.
  4. omnivortex

    450X Rough Landing

    My V's on my number plate are electrical tape.. came out pretty good! Riding cahuilla on Sun if you guys are interested..
  5. omnivortex

    450X Rough Landing

    In action at chicken bones..
  6. omnivortex

    Rock'n Rooster Race How Many Miles Total

    no shit. I was bogged in the dust between the markers and guys were blitzing by in the open desert with no dust. I guess I will try it next time.
  7. omnivortex

    450X Rough Landing

    I got the checkered on my 3rd loop so I would guess that means I completed all 3. I had no watch or anything so I am not sure what I did. I raced the 30+ beginner group. I wonder how many there was in my class and where I ended up. oh well. I got tired after a while so I backed it down. I need to work on the fitness for sure. Getting back on the running program tomorow. Too bad they cant run a water truck around that thing!!!
  8. omnivortex

    450X Rough Landing

    It wasnt bad actually. I was way to the left on the start which I think was a mistake once the bomb turned down the wash. I got a good start but then I was buried and didnt want to charge blindly in the dust. The whoops werent bad. Only those really silty ones. I think I am going to run the hare and hound on March 30. I think I will run beginner again until my fitness kicks up a notch or two. I will be out there. The other funny part was that this was the first ride on my X. I have a 2006 CRF450R so its not too much different. I basically did 2 half hour rides on Sat to heat cycle the motor then dove right in to the race. The bike ripped. I had a different cam, carb work, full FMF system, etc and the thing hauled ass. The stock gearing seemed a bit low. I like to lug it a bit more. Not to mention it was my first time riding plaster city.
  9. omnivortex

    450X Rough Landing

    Good to hear you are ok. I think my weekends at the mx track helped me a bit for dealing with passing riders as this was my rookie desert race. The first loop was super dusty so I just held my line and poked through the dust. Once it opened up it was great. I just picked my way through a few people and then by the 3rd lap it was wide open. I was probably at the end of the pack but I still had fun.
  10. omnivortex

    Rock'n Rooster Race How Many Miles Total

    Where can I look up my result? I am assuming on the D38 site. How does the team race work? Is it still 3 loops and is it one bike or can you ride different bikes on each leg? Thanks!
  11. omnivortex

    Rock'n Rooster Race How Many Miles Total

    Sorry to hear that. We raced the vet race then packed it up as we had to be back early.
  12. omnivortex

    Rock'n Rooster Race How Many Miles Total

    Hey guys. Had a blast out there today. We arrived pretty late on Sat so we just sort of stuck to our own program. I think I might have to try it again. I have no idea where I finished but finishing was my goal so I am stoked.
  13. omnivortex

    Rock'n Rooster Race How Many Miles Total

    I think the vet race is at 8am, correct? Should be about 1 hour long?
  14. omnivortex

    Rock'n Rooster Race How Many Miles Total

    Good question. I am running the IMS 3.2 gal tank.. that should take me the distance no? I was planning on running the camelbak for some water... ok sounds like I could use some race strategy here. .
  15. omnivortex

    Rock'n Rooster Race How Many Miles Total

    Hey guys. I will be out Sat mid day or so. I will bringing a work vehicle and you cant miss it. Its a new Tundra with a 4 wheel pop up camper all wrapped in black graphics and tricked out. If you see me wave! Josh