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  1. bbc

    Fuel Screw?

    Well, I'm tying to fix the jetting on a 08 WR250F and so tried this approach today, but then a doubt showed up: What's the role of the idle speed screw in this method? Should it be completely out? I'm asking because I have can't get the bike to idle, either with a 42, 45 or 48 PJ without some help from the speed screw. Should this bike be able to idle away entirely on the idle circuit, without any help from the speed screw? Thanks.
  2. bbc

    oil filter?

    From the 2004 Yamaha YZ250F Parts Catalog: 5TA–13440–00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CLEANER And that's for the following models: YZ250FS(5XC1) U.S.A. YZ250F(5XC2) EUROPE YZ250F(5XC3) JAPAN YZ250FS(5XC4) CANADA,OCEANIA,SOUTH AFRICA
  3. Thanks for the tips, I should have been able to find that nice thread about the KTM fan in the first place. One more thing though: how that 05 headgasket's suposed to help? Bigger holes and less restriction to flow or what? Bernardo ______________________ '04 Husky TE450 '98 Honda XR435
  4. Hi, We're just fresh out of winter here in Brazil and I'm having some overheating issues with my 2004 TE 450 in some slower/technical/crowded trails. Can someone tell me if the coolant reservoir of the 2005 model will fit outright into my 2004, and if the same aplies to the 2005 1.4 bar rad cap? Has anybody ever suceeded in adding a fan to the TE 450/250 rads? So bad we don't have 2005 models around and will probably have to wait till next year to have the 2006 bikes making it here. Bernardo ______________________ '04 Husky TE450 '98 Honda XR435
  5. bbc

    tire pressure?

    Start from the basic setup sugested in this very forum and try your riding style against a few setups. Efective tyre pressure is totally dependent on terrain, tyre choice, bike horsepower, total weight _and riding stile_. Anyone who talks about one and disregards the rest is not helping. I did ride a XR4 for the last few years with MC4, MC5 and MT16 tires and _mostly_ 12f/11r with very few pinches. Other riders around with close setups used to blew it four times in a mounth at minimum. Still, others would'nt. Just remember: as you pressure increases, your traction mostly goes south.