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  1. flatnacker

    144sx in the woods?

    Why Wouldnt U Just Get A 250-300?
  2. flatnacker

    Electric start retro fit 2006 300exc?

    Didnt it come out in 07?
  3. Can you or cant you retro fit the leccy start to a 2006 300exc?
  4. flatnacker

    Power Blades are they worth the $$$

    So your bike wasnt 'clean and torquey' prior to installing it?
  5. flatnacker

    ktm 300 ..anyone know about this new bike

    GEEZ welcome to around 2 years ago............
  6. flatnacker

    Scotts Dampner

    How many pros use them?
  7. flatnacker

    best pipe

    Ive justbeen through all this adnauseum-the first thing you need to ask yourself is what do you want i,e what are you hoping to achieve by putting on another pipe? They are all designed to modify the power delivery, i.e add more low to mid or top end. Once we have established this we can go a long way better to recomending a pipe that suits your requirements (god I sound like an advertisment...lol)
  8. flatnacker

    exc vs wr

    Exactlywhat everyone else has said-as for ease or working on it-well changing piston rings is childs play, a two beer job!!
  9. flatnacker

    2008 E-button verses no E-Button

    You are an idiot...... How old are you? 10? Dont speak unless you know what you are talking about or can back it up with a sensible argument:prof:
  10. flatnacker

    any aussies?

    Pretty much anywhere in Oz really, evey state has great riding spots. Victoria and New South Wales all have awesome trails through forest with big arse hills etc, Tassie has great rides through mountenous old growth forests (helmet sales are double in that state lol), Quesland has similar with rainforests as well (still hanging to do a ride upto the very tip of Northern Australia!!) Northern Teritory has great rides through the 'out back', South Australia has awesome sand dune type riding and Western Australia...well nobody really knows much about Western Australia, its like it doesnt exist-freaking Indonesia is closer than that place!!!
  11. flatnacker

    2008 Ktm 300exc-e

    I think its hilarious how people are bad mouthing having an e start on a 2 stroke-have you guys ever even riden a current model 4 stroke? Hell I could start my WR450 BY HAND!! The auto decomp on these things are incredible, so if anything it should be the other way around-there is a need for elec start in the 2 strokes but not in the 4 strokes:p
  12. flatnacker

    any aussies?

    Oh forgot to mention.....GO THE MIGHTY MIGHTY HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe Judd got off-that would have to be the biggets load of crap in the history of sport-he had his fingers in his eyes fer crying out loud!!!!!
  13. flatnacker

    Much difference between a 300 exc, xc and xcw?

    Thanks but wehn you go to order they only list 300exc as an option up to 2005 Then its all xcw...is a xcw the same as an exc-we dont have xcw's is Australia....
  14. flatnacker

    any aussies?

    pffttt bourbon is a girly bogan drink!!! Give me a vic or a nice scotch any day!!!!!! Melbourne boy here, used to have a wr450, saw the light and now have a 06 300 exc
  15. flatnacker

    Much difference between a 300 exc, xc and xcw?

    cheers so far, I have a 2006 model. Tried to email Scotts yesterday but still no reply..