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  1. I have a 3 car garage that is 720 sq ft. I had it insulated blown in and the garage doors are also insulated. I installed a 18000 btu electric heater and a 10000 btu AC unit. The heater works awesome but I went to small on the AC unit. On a 100 degree day it may drop it to the upper 80s. The heater it can be 20 outside and a toasty 75 inside. I think I am going to bite the bullet and buy a min split heat pump unit and install it. I spend a lot of time in my garage be it working on my bike or truck. Might as well make it a comfortable environment. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ramsond-18-000-BTU-1-5-Ton-Ductless-Mini-Split-Air-Conditioner-and-Heat-Pump-220V-60Hz-55GW2/203013148
  2. Sicko

    How to do a Hare scramble racing start ?

    plenty of videos on youtube on how to perform a dead engine start.
  3. Sicko

    Smartwatch for riding?

    I don't have a smartwatch but I do wear a fitness tracker with heart rate. I have a Garmin Vivosmart HR. They now have the HR+ that has GPS. I find it a useful tool but it is far from being 100% accurate on it's stats. I team it up with my fitness pal and map my ride on my phone. It is great for tracking your food intake and your exercise. Gives you stats on your heart rate calories and other activities. I wear it when I practice on the dirtbike. Gives me a general idea at what my heart rate is at and how long I am in my heart rate zones. Like I said they are not 100% accurate but still a helpful tool. I have a yearly physical coming up and plan on showing my last riding session to my doctor. She told me that riding a dirt bike was not enough exercise. Last time out I rode and averaged a HR of 114 and a max of 181 and over a 5 hours period I burned over 2500 calories. Didn't ride a solid 5 just a day riding and bench racing with the boys. It has been a great tool for my health all around.
  4. I think spend a couple bucks on a riding coach. Yeah being in shape is important but if your not riding in the correct position you are wearing yourself out. Accelerating being to far back on the bike or sitting when you shouldn't many finite things you can learn. Will a 450 wear you out faster than a 125 yes but if you learn to ride the bike you will use way less energy.
  5. Sicko

    Should I Try a Hare Scramble?

    Just my opinion........... People seem to think Hare Scrambles, Enduros, GNCC races easy. It is a race and they are not easy at all. Off Road is long, challenging terrain, and some of the most beat up terrain you will ever experience. Huge hills, creeks, sand, mud and of course gotta watch out for trees. Far from just a trail ride but there are FUN! Before you go balls deep and start thinking about buying a bunch of stuff go look into it first. Go to a race or talk to a organization that puts them on. We race a few different series and they actually allow an open practice. That way you can go ride a race loop and get the feel of what to expect before hand. Only special equipment I would suggest is a set of hand guards. Couple of reasons, did I mention trees? Yeah those can take a finger off and when you fall and you will, you will not break your levers. Once again they are fun, challenging, but they are not easy.
  6. Me I never think to much about it while suiting up. I dress for the crash and hope I never need it. Why sweat about getting dressed use that time to think about the experience your about to have riding. Isn't that why you suit up for?
  7. Sicko

    New KTM 250XC - Stock suspension clicker settings?

    I race hare scrambles/x country in the intermediate class but I weight around 195. You can go to racetech site and they have a spring calculator.
  8. Sicko

    New KTM 250XC - Stock suspension clicker settings?

    you can ride with the stock valving but strongly suggest getting the right springs for your weight. The mid valve is the biggest complaint I have. If you are to heavy for the springs it will ride low in the stroke and you hit it blows through the stroke and hits the mid valve and it is very harsh. This can cause severe deflection. I have learned that setting the compression softer doesn't always mean a plusher ride. People will get on the forums and say the suspension is a P.O.S, crap or many other words. You get the springs for your weight, set your sag, and set up the ergonomics for your riding style and you may be surprised. Will a re-valve may it better hell yes but I rode mine stock valving and was still really competitive. I
  9. I have a 2015 2500 with the 6.4 and 3.73 gears. The truck is heavy but the engine produces 410 hp and 429 trq. I average around 15 mpg combined but stand on the gas and that changes fast. The tow ratings are pretty good 12.5K for the 3.73 and over 15K with the 4.10 gearing. The engine is not like the other Hemi 5.7 or the other 6.4s. It is designed as a truck motor. Makes torque early. I read it was designed for reliability as a work truck. I have just over 10000 miles on it with no issues. If I were to do it again I think I would get the 4.10 gears. I tow a a 10000 pound toy hauler and at 65 mph feels like it needs a little extra rpm but not much. while towing I get from 7.5 to 9 mpg
  10. Sicko

    Clutch perch and lever setup?

    don't tighten your clamps so tight. They should rotate in the event of a fall over.
  11. Sicko


    Go find a local track go watch. Walk around and ask questions. Never know unless you get out from behind a keyboard and go to where its happening.
  12. Sicko

    Washing helmet liners?

    I started using oxy clean and hand wash in warm water then hang them to dry. I was impressed how clean the liner was after using the oxy clean compared to shampoo or other soaps. Oh, also cleaned much quicker,
  13. Sicko

    new helmet

    I am with Dwight. There was a good article quite a few years back over the which is better the Snell vs the DOT for low speed impacts. I currently ride with a Suomy. Like the Airoh it is DOT and ECE cert. The shell is smaller and the helmets are extremely light. They have other safety built in also. Airoh is on the higher end and Suomy is a upper mid range helmet but both are great helmets in my opinion. 6D is a high end helmet and is very heavy but provides some great safety. Similar technology MIPS is becoming more available and at a better price point. I think Fox now has that technology in their V3 helmet in the mid range. I think someone mentioned earlier people have different heads so buy a helmet that fits your head and also don't buy the most expensive buy the best you can afford. Do some research.
  14. Sicko

    Suomy Replacement Visor

    http://www.vleonline.com/ These guys are great and carry a full line of Suomy helmets and visors
  15. Sicko

    Anyone updated the front fenders?

    2016s will be prefect for guys running enduros!