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  1. Paul_B

    2007 CRF230 Oil Question

    Whenever I have something off one of the bike thats not obvious, like the air filter is off, or the oil needs to be filled, I tie a shop rag to one of the grips to remind me before I ride.
  2. Paul_B

    Woods riding in massachusetts

    That's good news I don't need the Mass OHV plate for the dual sport, it will save me $30 a year. I always carried both because that's what other riders and (I think, but it was several years ago) the DCR had told me. In the copy-paste below from the Mass DCR site I think Chapter 90 refers to registering street vehicles and Chapter 90B refers to registration of ATV's. http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dle/atvsafety.htm ------------------------------------- Recreation Vehicle-Defined Any motor vehicle designed or modified for use over unimproved terrain, if used for recreation or pleasure off a public way. Also, includes all legally registered motor vehicles when used off a public way. Any motor vehicle registered under Chapter 90 will not be subject to registration under Chapter 90B, but must display a current motor vehicle registration. -------------------------------------
  3. Paul_B

    Woods riding in massachusetts

  4. Paul_B

    Woods riding in massachusetts

    A CT ATV plate is not OK at hodges, or anywhere alse in Mass. Hodges dam: street plate from any state or a yellow Mass ATV plate Thomaston dam: street plate from any state or a CT ATV plate Mass state forests: yellow Mass ATV plate, even if you have a street plate I have a CT street plate and a Mass ATV plate on my bike, and CT and Mass ATV plates on my son's bike. With all these plates there is always somewhere to ride.
  5. Paul_B

    46T is good for crf 230 in a highway?

    I have a 14t front and 45t rear on my 2003 230F. I weigh ~ 225 lbs. and the fastest the bike will go is about 62 MPH on level ground. If there is an uphill section the top speed drops off quickly. My bike has the airbox opened up and the power up jetting/needle done.
  6. Paul_B

    how to install light on CRF230F

    I added a headlight (full dual sport kit) to my 2003 230F a few years ago. I use a 35W bulb, and the stator could not keep the battery charged (new battery) very well. I would top aff the battery with a charger after every ride, until one day while I stopped to do some fishing the bike wouldn't start. I push started it with no problem, but that's when I ordered a Ricky Stator. Best money I have spent on my bike. I can run headlight, blinkers, taillight, GPS, all day long with out a problem now.
  7. Paul_B

    Mass Plate Welcomed in CT?

    Are you talking about a street registration or ATV registration? You can legally ride at Thomaston Dam with a street plate from any state, but if you only have an ATV plate it has to be from CT, Mass is not allowed. The only other place to ride legally in CT is Pachaug, and you need a street plate (from any state) to ride there, no ATV plates allowed. There is no state forest 15 minutes from Thomaston that you can ride in, no mater what kind of plate you have. Your friend is riding illegally.
  8. Paul_B

    Head Lights And Tail Lights

    A few years ago installed a DS kit on my 2003 230F. With the stock stator the battery wasn't kept charged while riding, but the bike still ran fine. Once I had to push start it after I stopped to do some fishing. After that I put in the ricky stator, best decision I made. Easy to install and it worked great, my battery always has a full charge on it now.
  9. Paul_B

    Registering a Yamaha WR-450F in CT.

    I did this in CT a few years ago. There are lots of people that will tell you that it's a big hassle, or they have heard from a friend of a friend that it can't be done. Not true. If you're willing to put in the time, money, and work it's possible, I've done it. A search in the NE forum will get you a few threads with some good information. Here is a copy/paste of another post I did on this subjuct: I plated my 03 CRF230 in CT a few years ago. It was easy. Once you have all the required stuff installed on your bike schedule an appointment with the inspector at the Whethersfield DMV, they are the only ones that do it. It doesn't matter if your CO says "for off road use only" on it. It's a conversion, that's why you're going through inspection. I had a bill of sale from the previous owner and the CO. The registration guy inside said they just needed some document to make sure you own the bike and it wasn't stolen. Required stuff they check for: DOT tires speedometer mirror(s) chain guard high/low beam headlight with high beam indicator turn signals brake light operated by both hand and foot brake license plate light amber side reflectors on front, red side reflectors on rear horn kickstand I might have forgotten a few items, If I remember I'll post them. When I scheduled my inspection I had a good chat with the inspector, she was quite helpful and told me several things they check for that aren't on the web-site. I showed up with the bike on a trailer, it took her about 20 minutes to do the inspection, then I went in and registered it and got my street plate. I've heard lots of horror stories about registering in CT, but my experience was very different.
  10. Paul_B

    stator on 230

    I converted my '03 230F to street legal with a few years ago and had the same problem, the battery was not being charged fully because of the lights. I went with a Ricky Stator and I've never had another problem. I have a digital voltmeter on my bike so I always know what the voltage at the battery is. With the lights on at idle it's ~ 11.5v and when riding at a medium RPM its ~ 14.5 v. I can't remember what the headlight bulb is, it's either 35W or 45W. If you're going to ride on the street it's in your best interest to run with a headlight on, it's not a Harley so you don't have the loud pipes to save you, anything that can help you get noticed by other traffic is a good thing.
  11. Paul_B

    Trail Tech Computer

    I've had one on my 230F for a few years, absolutely no problems with it. The bike does about 50/50 on-off road and the Trail Tech Endurance has never misssed a beat. I put a new battery in it every year, and the mileage matches my GPS exactly, so I'm confident it's accurate.
  12. Paul_B

    Best Fire Road/Street Tire?

    I'll second the K-270's. They are quiet, wear pretty well, and great on fire/dirt roads. They are even suprisingly good in the woods unless it's lots of mud or steep hill climbs.
  13. Paul_B

    Track In Eastern CT?

    If it's the place called "The Farm", it was on the border of RI and CT and I believe it was shut down a year or so ago.
  14. Paul_B

    gettin a WR450f Plated in Ct?

    I plated an off-road bike in CT a few years ago. The inspection in Wethersfield was no problem. Just make sure you have all the equipment from the posts and link above. You have to make an appointment, mine was about a 3-4 weeks after I called, so you might want to get one made right away. When I called I talked to the inspector and she told me what they look for. Here are the ones I can remember: high and low beam headlight with high beam indicator horn at least one mirror lighted license plate brake light operated by the front and rear brakes speedometer chain guard (I made a homemade one) amber side reflectors on the front red side reflectors on the rear turn signals DOT tires (this is a must) Paul
  15. Paul_B

    KX-65 dads, please help, lower end trouble

    This is common on the KX65. The right seal will tend to move, eventually grinding into the right bearing and cause it to fail. I've heard of some people putting some epoxy on the seal when replacing it to help keep it in place. When my son was on the 65 I ran 28:1 premix, 600mL tranny oil. Paul