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  1. LDI 88

    xr50 for street use

    pull the choke assembly out, and plug the hole with some sealant or somthing... little more top end... definetly do some gearing....
  2. LDI 88

    Will is fit??

    just get some springs and chromo +1's, +2's...... that or the marzuchhi. just a little difference
  3. I cant wait to smoke one of those...
  4. I run the two brothers (takegawa) 88 with the new cam, carb, piston and sleeve. Stock head.. its easy to install and was close to 500-550. comes with a new front sproket also, it hauls balls as long as you run the 85 main (comes with a 92 installed)
  5. your rubber seat may be worn out on the float also, unfortunetly they are kind of expensive. i would just take the bowl off and clean it all out before making any ajustments or buying anything.
  6. LDI 88

    which one

    50's have a good trail advantage ( squeezing under/through city gates), also theres alot less weight coming down on you, if you decide to eat it. HONDA..... get a crf too, they are fancy. the crf plastics look cool, and they are the only real difference; that and the kick start, and dipstick.... but mechanically they are the same. also the little bastards eat almost no gas if you keep them stock. Your defietly going to want bars right off the bat if you buy it stock... and then seatfoam/suspencion, and then motomods. and so on... its good though, youve always got somhting to do... (buy things or ride ha)
  7. SO i had the local motorcycle shop bore out my stock 50's cylinder, so now its around 73-75'cc's i know those sano kits come with a jet for the stock carb... my only question is: What Size Main? and.: Do they suggest any needle ajustments? Any info is apriciated. - Tag