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  1. draagen

    DRZ400 tires?

    It sounds like you're doing my tire testing for me--IYDMMA, where in the high desert are you? I live in Lancaster and commute to Palmdale (for six more months, then it gets easy); I've stayed on-road because: a) I don't have good tires, and I don't have anyone to ride with, and call for help if I break myself (I'm a newbie, and it could happen) The conditions you describe sound an awful lot like 'here.'
  2. draagen


    I purchased a shorty for a DRZ400E, and it did not fit my 2005 DRZ400S. The geometry of the end is noticably different, and you'd have to grind and otherwise modify in order to get it mounted to the stock perch.
  3. draagen

    Gorman, Ca Possible Meet Up

    I'd probably ride... I don't have a truck. But I just realized you're probably talking about soon, and I'm a teacher who doesn't get paid in the summer, so I won't be getting my tires until September. *sigh*
  4. draagen

    Gorman, Ca Possible Meet Up

    I need tires and I'm probably *slow* (newbie), but I'd be up for it. From Lancaster, Gorman's probably rideable.
  5. draagen

    *repeat* big 3x3 Thanks

    Got it. Thanks!
  6. draagen

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    I teach high school drama and English in Lancaster, CA. I'll be advising the drama club this year and directing high school drama productions this year. Best job in the world... I'm also an amateur thespian, acting and directing in local community theatre productions. Got a 2005 DRZ-400S a couple of months ago, and have put 1,700 mostly-street miles on it. (I haven't got local riding buddies or much time for off-road, though I'll hook up with my brother and his riding buddies for long weekends this fall and winter.) It's a blast, although I need to find time to do the 3X3 and Burned jetting mod. I'll also be buying tires and bike armor before the first trip.
  7. draagen

    *repeat* big 3x3 Thanks

    Likewise... would love the file. OgreOn2002@yahoo.com
  8. draagen

    just bought a 2005 DRZ400 S replace old 350

    My 2005, purchased in late May, also has the blue-and-black seat; didn't realize it wasn't stock on the 2005 until you said something and I checked on the Suzuki site. Cool...
  9. draagen

    Finally picts of the Blair woods Japan style

    Prisioners. On the bright side, that implies that at least they're taking prisoners.
  10. draagen

    Nobody Knows What MasterLink I need???

    Okay... I'm a real newbie, so can you check me on this? 2005 DR-Z 400S (stock, but not for long -- 3 X 3, DJ, Burned in the next week or so). I'm okay with the stock 15/44 ratio on the street, but was contemplating a 14/47 for off-road. Could I use the same (110, right) chain for both?
  11. draagen


    And ditto thanks!
  12. draagen


    Could ya' e-mail them to me, too? I'll be dealing with the DJ/Burned thing next week or week after. Thanks!
  13. draagen

    DRZ-400SK5 Stumble

    First of all, let me say how much I appreciate the forum; wish I'd found it before I bought my bike, rather than after breaking it in according to the manual. On to my situation... I'm a high desert rat (2,400 feet elevation) and my 'S exhibits a stumble on acceleration. If I'm understanding what I've read on TT, it's running rich. I've ordered the DJ kit and some jets, and am planning the 3 X 3 and 'Burned' setup, but in the meantime I thought that it couldn't hurt to open up the induction a little bit by removing the snorkel. It made a pretty big difference! There's still a little stumble, but nowhere near as pronounced! The question this leaves me asking is... Does this suggest an appropriate 3 X 3/DJ jetting setup?