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  1. It doesn't line up perfect but he's right, it works.
  2. spinblue

    boyesen quick shot with bk mod?

    I did the Stealth Racing accelerator pump and JD Jetting Kit mods. Absolutely! The bike is running great.
  3. spinblue

    Pilot screw

    I've done the searches a couple times before but I don't think I really ever understood the need for the adjustable screw. I believe I realize the fuel can be adjusted to provide a richer or leaner condition. How does this relate to heat, cold, humidity or other conditions? How do I know when an adjustment is necessary? I pulled my carb apart about a month ago to do a cleaning. While I was at it I installed the JD Jetting kit, the Stealth accelerator pump and the Stealth fuel screw. The bike is running awesome but I haven't possibly encountered enough conditions to know when I need to make the fuel screw adjustments. Thanks!
  4. I bought a 01 426 last summer. It was my first dirt bike and I let a buddy ride it. One of the first things he mentioned was that the steering head seemed to be slightly sticking and it wasn't something that I was experieneced enough to notice. When I got home I pulled the steering stem apart and the bearings were beat. I ordered replacement bearings and I definately can tell the difference.
  5. spinblue

    2001 YZ426 is it a good bike??

    I wont be able to answer your question about a comparison in reliability. I can tell you I bought a 01 426 last year and its been nothing but a joy. I have had no problems with it other then an occassional scare. It's my first dirt bike in 20 years of riding which includes road racing and lots of sport touring. I am actually contemplating some dirt racing. I have done a few things to it like the 03 450 cam, JD Jetting and lots of TLC. It has lots of power for my needs as I use it for trails and MX. Good luck in your quest.
  6. They are screws that are put in to the rubber to provide traction for ice riding.
  7. In preparation for the upcoming ice season, I'm looking for these screws for my 426. Thanks, spinblue
  8. spinblue

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    I bought a 01 426 late last year. After I spent a heck of a hot day in the sand and kicking the beast, I got the 03 450 cam off eBay for $105. I put it in and it is so much better to deal with in the woods and sand.
  9. spinblue

    2000-02 YZ426F User Jetting Database

    Model: 2001 YZ426F Timing: 03 450 autodecomp cam Main Jet: JD Jetting 170 Pilot Jet: stock Starter Jet: stock Leak: stock Fuel screw: Stealth Racing with spring kit - 1.5 turns out Needle: JD Jetting #4 clip blue needle Air box: No lid with oiled foam filter Pipe/muffler: stock Altitude: 700ft - The flat lands of Illinois Temp: current 80-90F Humidity: Accelerator Pump: Stealth Racing The bike is starting so easily and is great at low speed without stalling. No bog or hesitation that I've noticed at this point.
  10. spinblue

    426 questions

    I have an 01 426 and love the beast. It's my first dirt bike and I got it last summer. It's been trouble free and starts with a couple kicks. I havent had any troubles with it other then getting the crap scared out of me occassionally. I put the auto-decomp 03 450 exhaust cam in and made it even better. I really enjoy working on my own bikes so I stay on top of maintenance and I'm sure this helps me enjoy the bike more. I paid $2300 USD last summer for mine. Good luck, Spinblue
  11. spinblue

    hard starting 2003 crf450r

    Hey Guys, A buddy of mine is having some issues with starting his bike once it gets warm. We hit the sand pit and woods couple of times and once it stalls it becomes a bear to start up again and takes a lot of kicking. I'm thinking we look at valve clearance and check the carb out for beginners to know where his bike is currently setup. He got it late last year and has been out a few times this year but it's very frustrating for him. I back tracked the forum for a few pages and did a search on start but it didn't yeild many hits. I regularly visit thumpertalk in another forum section and have found the folks here incredibly knowledgable. If anyone has insight and can help us, we would certainly appreciate it. I thought about the Rekluse but would like to fixate on the starting at this point. Thanks in advance, spinblue
  12. spinblue

    which chain for a 450f?

    I'm a newbie at this dirt biking and love doing it. When I'm trying jumping and mind you I am taking it slow as I'm 46, my feet come off the pegs. I try to be steady and smooth on the throttle and not too much gas coming in to the larger jumps as not to be catapulted in to next week. Or become like a bad check and bounce. I'll keep at it but any insight on the feet leaving the pegs thing? Thanks!
  13. Here's a little more help. http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/tech/valves.html
  14. spinblue

    options for auto-decompressor cam 426

    What is the OEM weight of the flywheel for an 01 426? TIA