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    Petcock install on Clarke 3.9 tank - help pls.

    On my XR650L that metal bar matches up to two holes on the frame that the shrouds connected to with the stock tank on. With two clamps it helps secure the tank and prevents movement of the tank while riding off road. With two extra gallons (that's about 16 pounds) the tank will move quite a bit while jumping if not secured.
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    ok whats supermoto?

    That's a great video!
  3. chiricahua

    17" wheels -vs- street rubber on 18/21

    I've had great results with the IRC TrailGP's. http://www.socalsportbikes.com/xmb/attachments/25195.jpg 18 rear and 21 front. Now I have a MaxxisPro on the back and a Generic Kenda up front. The Kenda has slipped once on me and the back is now starting to shag since I got the air presure down to 30psi. Woluld like to try those BT45's
  4. chiricahua

    1997 XR650l CamShaft Woes

    I went on a dual sport ride a couple of weeks ago and at about the 130-mile mark I had an eerie noise start to emit from my motor.(The noise sounds like a valve ticking.[Loud] But I checked them and they are .004 and .005 which is OK per the manual.) Looks like a possible de-compressor bearing on the camshaft blew.(Does this even have a bearing? Cause it's moves slightly.) Or does Centrifugal force keeps it stable? Looks like when it blew a piece of something helped score one of the rocker arms and the corresponding lobe on the camshaft. Does anyone know if I buy a Hot Cam with out the decompression system on it if it will make the electronic starting any or much harder on the starter? Also does any one know of discount Honda parts suppliers other than BikeBandit.com or XR’s only.com and PlanetHonda.com? Or discount sales on OEM Honda parts? Thanks for any help or links. Oh Yeah, great site. Glad to be a part of it now
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    For those of you who pray

  6. chiricahua

    Where to buy OEM Tail Light

    Both Tail and markers. http://www.xrsonly.com/html/street_legal.html
  7. chiricahua

    cam setting plunger

    I'd also like to know this. From what mechanics have told me is that it runs between 500 and 900 Rpm's. It stops by cintrifical force somewhere within that range. That way the bike starts easy. (Anyone know if this is true?) I posted this a few days ago. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=269037&parentpage=2 http://www.socalsportbikes.com/xmb/viewthread.php?tid=28164 I've ordered a new Cam Assy from Al Bakers XRsOnly. I'll drop it in when I get it. Should be today or tomorrow. I ordered it because not only was it clicking but also two of the Cam lobes had excessive wear. Plus a Rocker arm. Plus I don't have to hassle with the Decompressor thingamaBobs. XRsOnly recommended not running the stage one Hot Cam because it doesn’t' use the Auto-Decompressor. But allot of guys are running it without starter/battery failure. Not sure if this helps but this is where I'm at with the Decompressor clicking noise.
  8. chiricahua

    any kenda dot horror stories?

    +1 Kewl Chart Motorcycle Tire Conversion Chart METRIC INCH 70/100X17 >> 2.75X17 80/100X21 >> 3.00X21 90/100X14 >> 4.10X14 90/100X16 >> 4.10X16 100/100X18 >> 4.10X18 110/100X18 >> 4.50X18 120/100X18 >> 5.10X18 130/80X18 >> 5.30X18 140/80X18 >> 5.60X18 100/90X19 >> 4.10X19 110/90X19 >> 4.50X19 120/90X19 >> 5.10X19
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    Rate your XR650L rear brake

    4 at best IMHO! My front isn't much better but it is what gets my bike stopped. I've always had good luck with stock Honda pads. Except for my XRL.
  10. chiricahua

    exhaust problems

    FMF makes the MegaMax in 1.5,1.75 and 2.0 universal sizes. Hope that helps.
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    1997 XR650l CamShaft Woes

    Right Dave, I just read that if you use Hard welded cams then you need to use hard welded Rocker arms. Which can be quite expensive from what I just read. My bike had lost a lot of compression but it runs now. I'm looking for a cam and one rocker arm to replace and then see how it runs. Thanks for the coment.
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    F***ing Tyres!!!

    I take the Valve out of the stem and spray Wd-40 on the tire bead on both sides. Then walk the tire on slowly not trying to gain too many inches and it works like a charm. The Wd-40 lets the bead on both sides move. This gives you less pressure on the bead that you’re working on and therefore needs less force on the tire irons. Letting the valve out allows for the tube to sit flat in between the tire and rim and out of the way of the tire irons. Been changing my dirt tires that way for the last three years and I can’t remember when I last had a pinch while changing both knobbies and paddles. Just my humble opinion. Everyone has there own way of doing this.
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    1997 XR650l CamShaft Woes

    So do you think that's where the ticking is coming from? Could it be something else. And Roger that on the cam lobes wearing.