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  1. ohhhh yea that is exactly wat i wanted to hear thank u sir for the information much appriciated
  2. thanks for the help, i found a 2007 kx250f head all built up will that work?
  3. does anybody know if this conversion will work. i have a valve stickin in the head, the head of the 07 rmz i found has everything cams valves shims buckets guides it has literally just been unbolted and put on ebay. it looks identical but i need to know numbers to make sure it will be a good swap. are the cams same size shim height will the spark plug work, will the studs align, i just want to be sure before i dish out the money for it, any help would be appriciated thanks everyone!
  4. i dont got a myspace man, i have a facebook though, u got an aim sn right? ill message u there
  5. hqhahah nooo shit it is a small dam world, bolin is stationed down here with me we hang out all the time lol. my bike is down here in tx with me. walden mx is a freakin fun ass track, i like diamondback is alot of fun 2. back in ny im about 30 mins from there. bolin showed me ur myspace with ur bikes no joke 3 days ago. he is gonna come back to ny with me next time i go on leave we should meet up man. oh he is a jet troop for the c130 he works on the engines and ur gonna be ENE my friend does that for the B1 its a good job long tech school though. i think u go to keesler first than sheppared.
  6. hey man was ur TI's name srgt bookman? do u no grayson bolin?
  7. oh no shit man, im at dyess its in abilene they say its in west tx but its rly central. i was at shepard im a jet troop ironically im a jet engine mechanic but ive proven to myself i aint got shit for brains about these new 4 strokes lol. i work on the B-1 bomber. shepared isnt bad as long as u make it fun. what is ur afsc? i think i no where that gaurd base is
  8. i appriciate it man im from highland mills its about an 1hr north of the city, but im actually in the air force and im stationed down in texas but for sure man i will give u a ring i could use a some help, thanks again
  9. thanks for all the help i appriciate it
  10. hm yea i had it apart 3 separate times this morning i cant figure it out, i kno its going to be something stupid that im missing but im gonna let the pros do it im sick of it.
  11. aright well here is the other situation, is any body else have a ridiculous amount of trouble trying to get the timing correct? i followed all of the steps had the chain marked but it all disappeared on me. i have the 28 pins, exhaust lobe forward intake lobe facing rear. it starts up quite easy but i get a bog when i hit the throttle, and when it does rev past the bog when i let off it pops and sometimes back fires. oil level is correct as far as the site gauge goes, gas is new i have not gone through the carb yet, any ideas? timing or carb? am i even on the right track lol
  12. alright yea i figured there was no standard but thanks for the help its all coming apart again tomarow anyway i will get it done then. thanks again
  13. aright so this might be stupid ? but all i want to know is what the OEM size valve shims are for a 2005 250f. i have seen the manual but i dont rly understand all the numbers. can anybody show me the sizes or maybe explain it so i dont have to make these kinds of posts lol thanks.