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  1. playshark1

    Can't afford SM insurance!?

    WOW Canada thats some high insurance. Mine is $110 a year 2005 drz-s
  2. Keep the stripes, you need something to break up all that black.
  3. playshark1

    More Battery ?s

    was that 6ml of water per reservoir or was that 6ml total. And does it have to be distilled water.
  4. playshark1

    DRZ battery not charging

    Thanks for the info,I'm ordering the battery tender Jr from tt store and a new battery.
  5. playshark1

    DRZ battery not charging

    It was on the bike when I jumped it.Thats what I thought the battery is toast,Ill get a new battery hopefully that will solve the problems. Ill get a battery tender also. Any recommendations on a good battery tender.What is a capacitor and how would you install it. Thanks for the help.
  6. playshark1

    DRZ battery not charging

    Anyone have some info as why my battery wont charge. I made the mistake of not taking the battery out. The bike was in storage for 2 months. pulled it out turned the key to on nothing noda dead. put the battery charger at 2amps 12v setting on the battery nothing, gage doesn't move. So I put it on my car to see if its working, gage goes up to red and then slowly moves to green. Put it back on battery, nothing doesn't move or doesn't seem like its even charging. Am I missing something here. jumped the bike runs fine lights work .all that except, the digital gage with speedo freaks out flashes on and off when you rev it. is this suppose to work even when the battery is dead. Will this unit run off the bikes power,Or is this normal.
  7. playshark1

    '05 S model not running right after 3x3

    my 2005 did the same thing when I bought it new from the dealership when you got on it, the bike would hesitate then it would pick up. that was at 4500ft haven't rode it in 3 months because we moved to Denver area. I rejeted it to a 137.5 runs great now no hesitation. but I also live at 8000ft elevation now.