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  1. I have an EXC 450 R on order and my dealer said late Aug., early Sept. for the EXC's. As far as the prices are concerned, I haven't heard or seen and my dealer had gotten final pricing yet. Ya, you better get a down payment in, an awful lot of interest in the "new" SOHC motors, they will go fast!
  2. Thanks guys for the responses, I did talk to my dealer on Friday and he said that the SX's and XC's were suppose to be delivered in late July or early Aug. and the EXC's were late Aug. or early Sept.
  3. Has anyone heard a definate date when the US dealers are suppose to get their bikes, I have an '08 EXC450 on order. The EXC is replacing a '95 RXC 400 and '02 WR250f, I rode a riding buddies '06 EXC 450 and was blown away by how good the bike is! The EXC can do it all, technical single track and dual sport!