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  1. I got a hold of my sponsor and he said there is some riding over there and it would be worth taking the toys. Now I just have to figure out something to haul them around with.
  2. Fixins

    04' oil line cap off help?

    The indy shop ended up getting me for $90. he said I had too much oil in it (which is believable since I have had to work on the clutch a lot...covered in other posts) and that is what caused the plug to pop out. I have ridden it twice around my house (not able to hold full throttle for very long) both times bike was nice and warm. I have had no problems so far.
  3. I getting stationed at Lajes Field in the Azores. Is there much dirt bike riding there? How bout maintenance shops? I have heard different things from people that have been there, non of them have been riders. Thanks,
  4. Fixins

    clutch help

    Lots can be going on with the clutch. First check your cable, look for kinks, smashed sections, etc. If all is good lube the heck out of the cable.
  5. Fixins

    best place to order parts online??

    Price? customer service? What?
  6. Fixins

    04' oil line cap off help?

    I took it to an independent shop because I don't have time to work on it any more and i don"t trust the local dealer. The dealer I talked to said if the plug comes out you need a top end rebuild, no question about it.
  7. Fixins

    best place to order parts online??

    What do you guys think about Bike Bandit?
  8. My 04' 250F had not been started in a while. When I took it for a ride it blew out oil from this spot on the cylinder head on the right hand side of engine front opposite where the hard oil line bolts up. I searched this sight, the owners manual, the web and cannot find an answer of what gos in that hole. I took it to the steelership and they did not know. Can any one help. I hope the link to picts work. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=21700
  9. Fixins


    Usually on this sight the people offer some pretty good advice. I was not asking any ones opinion on Harley's. I was asking for a reference to a good support web sight, which a few good people did offer. If I was asking for an opinion I would have worded the question as such.
  10. Fixins


    Those are not bikers those are just middle aged yuppies trying to do the cool thing what ever they think that might be. Apparently it was buy a Harley that day.
  11. Fixins


    Any Harley riders out there? I was wondering if there is a sight like this one for Harleys?
  12. Fixins

    Yamaha´s engine hole

    Had a similar problem on my 04 YZF. Oil was leaking out of the spark plug drain hole, but I did not have any problem with the exhaust. The valve cover bolts were loose,( I think they are called the valve cover bolts),the bolts on the very top of the engine. Tightened them up and it has been fine.
  13. Fixins

    Places to Ride and Events in Nebraska (Omaha)

    You riding a quad at Genoa? Or bike? Any good tracks around Omaha, other than Union?
  14. Fixins

    Places to Ride and Events in Nebraska (Omaha)

    Anyone ride the quarry Near Union NE? Any more riding areas south of Omaha? I rode CB and was disappointed.
  15. Fixins

    carb problem