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  1. jcoddy

    My DRZ 400E

    Hey Karl, Are those FLU graphics from motosport.com? If so how are they? It looks like the seat cover is because I put the same seat cover on my RM and it looks the same way like crap lol. I think the graphics look really good though.
  2. jcoddy

    Nike MX?

    I personally think Nike would make some cool gear. I mean look at the Jordan superbike team, their leathers are the coolest around. Plus you may see some more tv commercials on during good shows instead of just during motocross, supercross and the x games.
  3. jcoddy

    250 2 Stroke Questions

    I ride an rm250 and I recently rode my buddies 250f for the first time. The biggest differance is the way the powerbands come in. If your used to just wacking the throttle on the 250f then you may want to not do that on the 2smoke or else you will loop it lol. Maybe thats just the way my 2smoker handles but you cant just wack the throttle anytime you want to. Just ease into the throttle and youll get used to it.
  4. jcoddy

    my idle i out of whack

    I would take the carb off and make sure the throttle isnt stuck. Thats what it sounds like to me.
  5. jcoddy

    HOW TO POWDERCOAT (with pics)`

    Im with drzdual, what about rims? Would it mess up the threads for the spokes?
  6. jcoddy

    what oil

    I go with Klotz gear oil, I personally think all thier products are awesome. My friend I ride with makes fun of me because I run expensive oil in my bike but guess who has two different bikes and both now have trany problems? Its not me lol.
  7. jcoddy

    top end

    If you get a top end kit and do it yourself, make sure you get a good gasket set. I orderd a top end kit from midwestactioncycles.com and it came with cosmetic gaskets. I didnt have any luck with them at all, they leaked coolent around the head. I replaced them with Moose gaskets and didnt have a problem.
  8. Thats nothing, some guy i work with cut out a fake boardwalk McDonalds game piece and put it on Ebay. It said that it was only a cut out piece and was not real, some guy paid $100 for it.
  9. jcoddy

    rm250 problem

    Dont forget to adjust the air screw. Start at 1.5 turns out and go from there. Below is a link that explains everything you need to know on how to jet a 2 stroke. http://pingertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=528
  10. jcoddy

    98 kx250 jetting

  11. jcoddy

    98 kx250 jetting

    Does anyone know what size the stock main and piolet jets are for a 98 kx250?
  12. jcoddy

    kawasaki H1 or H2

    There are alot of problems with those bikes. My wifes uncle has one and he is always working on it. The CDI boxes always go out, the cranks go out of true fairly often, and sometimes on his bike if you turn off the key the bike will still be running and you have to stall it to turn it off. They are pretty fast, i rode it once but didnt go to fast the front end didnt feel stable at all. If you live in a humid climate forget about it, his also doesnt run for anything if its humid. Its going to be pretty hard to be an inline four, my cbr600 would go 80 mph in first gear.
  13. jcoddy

    2006 RM126 Oil Spill

    Take the cover off and replace the gasket.
  14. Thats what i did when i found an 05 rm250 for $3200. It had brand new tires on it, full FMF SST exhaust, pro taper triple clamp and fat bars, and a new graphic kit. I put a new top end in it right away just to be on the safe side.
  15. jcoddy


    It could be anything, crank, crank bearings just take off the cylinder and see. Also i was always told that you really want more than 170lbs of compression on a 250.