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  1. Replacement crankshaft is here today. Along with new clutch hub and plates and oil pump. Awaiting puller tool to rebuild the bottom end. Now I've just got to figure out what I'll do on the top end.
  2. Can the athena 435 cyl be bored .5mm over and a wiseco be used instead? Edit: I got it under the bright light so my blind eyes could see. Athena has a thin steel liner. So it's a no go on the overbore. Guess I'll have to replace the top end as well.
  3. Yes, I've replaced the engine before. Which lead me to a rebuilt top end, and now a rebuilt bottom end.
  4. My suspicions were correct. Rod bearing is shot. Rest of the engine looks good. Going to have to replace the piston and have a friend clean up one of the cam journals too. Once the tool gets in, I'll split the cases. (Trans worked fine though) I'm going to clean the cases to make sure there's no more metal anywhere in it. Also I have a few leads on possibly another head.
  5. I think I'm just going to drop off the bottom end to a local shop and have them swap it over for me. I see the pullers are about $50-60.
  6. I'll be checking that as well. Hope not though. The 435 top end didn't have a lot of time on it.
  7. Just looked in a manual. Looks like I'll need a tool. Would this work?
  8. Got an oil pump, complete clutch assemble, and crank heading on it's way. Can the flywheel be pulled with a 3 jaw puller?
  9. Guess I'll be pulling it out of the frame tomorrow.
  10. I've searched and seen a lot of mentions of knocking. I recently had to replace the clutch basket on the DRZ. I noticed that there were some shavings. But I attributed that to the basket being notched badly and a tang broken. I put everything back together. Started it up the day before, still had some knocking noise. But not as bad as before. I went to ride it today and it sounds like it's knocking at low speeds. I drained the oil and saw shineys out of the frame drain. Couldn't tell much about the crankcase drain. But the oil filter has metal (not alum) filings in it. All over it. The oil pump has been chewed up as well. I checked the primary nut, it's tight. But I noticed about 1/16" play and a noteable thud when changing the crankshaft direction. Shouldn't there not be any noteable sounds/play turning the crank? I know it's not the counterbalance as I held pressure on it to rule it out. Also I notice the clutch hub had some marks, so I'm replacing that as well. The disks look black and some of the ears of the frictions have scratches on them. I know the filings are steel as they stuck to a magnet. I'm bidding on an oil pump, stock clutch assembly (for the hub and plates), and a crankshaft. Should I just put the oil pump and clutch parts in and see what it sounds like then? (going to replace the crank oil seal) Or just pull the engine and install a new crank? The bike still has a ACCT, but I just installed the updated ACCT (looks just like the one off my DL650) This bike is friggin cursed. First owner seized the crank, replaced engine (I owned it then). Second owner ate the piston, put an athena 435 on it. Then sold it to a friend. Then I bought it back. I thought the engine had been sorted. I'm just concerned where the filings came from. Possibly the clutch, but it was an aweful lot in the engine. I'm afraid it's the big end bearing.
  11. Here's their website.... Ignore the MSRP of $249. The price I'm looking at is only $125.
  12. Anyone used a DaltonPro Billet basket on their DRZ? My stocker gave up the ghost behind the 435 kit. I found a really good price on them.
  13. Hmmm, I'm gonna send you a PM...
  14. I've installed the 70cc kit on my honda mb5 (was 49cc). Stock the main jet was #105. I'm running the stock carb, intake, reeds, and exhaust. Only change is displacement. Anyone got a recomendation on what jet size to use? (I've got the stock 105, 115, 120, and a 125) Also it's set to the middle clip on the needle, wich is stock. (3 positions)
  15. 445hp 2002 Chevy 2500HD Duramax 4x4 My $220 car. Hey it's paid for, runs good, has a new alt, water pump, and gets 40mpg! I've fixed the headlight now too. (she was sporting a ninja 250 headlight there for a while, lol )