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  1. Nvr2Old

    Kazuma 50

    My sons quad just quit.. he was riding it around and pulled into the garage and it just quit. but when i went to restart it i got nothing. no lights when you turn the key on, no reaction when i hit the started button? I have 12v's at the battery, switch , starter solenoid... heellllllppp He's getting mad at me:)
  2. Nvr2Old

    Red bull first person contest

    Your tied up now........ Post it everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Nvr2Old

    BEST Mods

    What about motor mods?
  4. Nvr2Old

    BEST Mods

    List em!!!!!!
  5. Nvr2Old

    Cernics 199 Graphics

    Cool. I will check it out!
  6. Nvr2Old

    Cernics 199 Graphics

    I am willing to switch it all out to white. I will email them and see.
  7. Nvr2Old

    Cernics 199 Graphics

    http://www.n-style.com/shop/shopexd2.asp?id=6349 I really like this setup. Is there any way that Decal Works or someone else can make them for the 450??
  8. Nvr2Old

    Sandy Valley!!

    New dirt, new track,new practices www.svmx.com See ya on the 30th
  9. Nvr2Old


    Should I just order a set of springs at my weight or should I have the whole package? Novice level rider, Tracks and some choppy desert riding.
  10. Nvr2Old


    That sucks!!
  11. Nvr2Old

    Must do things on a new RMZ?

    Any links to the throttle tube? What about putting the hot start on the bars 05's? Also the Zip tie screw,where do I find those?
  12. Nvr2Old


    Any updates?
  13. Nvr2Old

    Help find me the cheapest 450!!

    Thanks but no thanks!
  14. Nvr2Old

    Brand new RMZ 450

    Right on, thanks!
  15. Nvr2Old

    Brand new RMZ 450

    Right, what about clicks?