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    selling the 84'

    bump 800 obo pictures:
  2. moneytlks01

    selling the 84'

    hello guys i have a 1984 xr250r that im ready to get rid of to get a bigger bike. has new top end, chain, sprockets, rear tire and tube, graffix, air filter, handle bars, grips. there may be some other stuff i forgot but lookin for $900 o.b.o. in the lakeland/tampa, fl area. only things wrong with bike is has 1 broke bolt in the case that holds the clutch cable and the rear shock needs recharging. (rear shock is still opperable, just sags) thanks
  3. moneytlks01

    84' xr250r dual sport in florida

    thanks for the replys, i guess ill just have to check with my local dmv. sgtmadmax: on your title for the bike you just picked up does it say for "offroad use only" or did you get a title.
  4. moneytlks01

    84' xr250r dual sport in florida

    hello, i just recently picked up a 1984 xr250r and was wondering what it would take on the dmv side to get this thing titled for dual/street use. i know all the aspects of having mirrors,turnsignals, brakelight and so on. i dont know if this year was offroad only(i was told ones this old dont come with titles?) because it does have a functional headlight and tail light. has anyone here converted one in florida. any help is appreciated. thanks james oh and please dont tell me to search, i have been searching and reading for the past week.thanks