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  1. ZeekWorld

    service manual

    I have the digital version of the CRF450R 2009 and 2010. PM me.
  2. ZeekWorld

    PDF Service Manual for 05 CRF450R

    I have the Service Manual digital version CRF450R 2009 and 2010, PM me.
  3. ZeekWorld

    09 crf450 service manual

    I have the Service Manual for CRF450R 2009 and 2010 Digital Version, PM me if you are still looking for 1.
  4. ZeekWorld

    best aftermarket sprocket for my 08?

    I went wit the normal steel Sunstar (Temporary) just because of the price since I am going to get the Ironman as soon as the 49T gets re-stocked... My stock rear sprocket is too worn out to run the new chain. Should I get the works Z over the ironman?
  5. ZeekWorld

    best aftermarket sprocket for my 08?

    Me too, today ordered from oemcycle DID VT2, sunstar steal rear 49 (wanted the ironman but they have the 49T out of stock until late July), front 13 sunstar as well. I hope it last.
  6. ZeekWorld

    2011 crf - chain rubs on tire

    Today I ended up ordering from OEMCycle new OEM chain slider, DID VT2, front 13 SunStar, rear 49 sunstar "steal" (wanted the ironman but it was out of stock until late july) and a mud flap. I hope with this new setup my rear tire does not get eaten no more
  7. ZeekWorld

    2011 450r mapping downloads

    Can you share where you find the '09 ones please? PM me. Thanks, zeek
  8. ZeekWorld

    best aftermarket sprocket for my 08?

    Hey captain what chain are you riding? Since I've installed a DID ERT2 on my brand new "09 450, this sucker has been eating my rear tire knobs and mud flap and destroying my chain slider and stock sunstar rear sprocket since it stretches way too much and flexes sideways a lot. Now I need to replace chain slider, chain and sprockets, bike has one and a half season. I might go with "polisports" on the slider, DID VT2 chain and steal front and rear sprockets, mainly riding MOTO, any suggestions?
  9. ZeekWorld

    2011 crf - chain rubs on tire

    I've had the same problem on my '09, one difference is when I bought the bike I installed a DID ERT2 and never rode the stock chain, this chain stretched a lot every ride. Even I tried to keep it on specs, it's been eating the knobs every ride including the mud flap since day one. I am wondering if this ERT2 flexes to much sideways and it is why it is too easy to reach the left side of the tire. I am about to get a new chain and wondering if a DID VT2 (New) will eat less tires since it's an X ring and might be a stiffer chain. I'm not sure if I need a spacer and also if it's a good chain for a mainly Moto rider so please let me know if you have one of these installed. I might also get a new chain slider (Polisport) @ RMATV just because my stock honda looks a little worn, looks like for under $20 it has good reviews. Here some pics
  10. VIP parking Access to the pit all day long and ability to get autographs Full buffet lunch on saturday june 25 Covered VIP seating in the pit Race programs Full access
  11. I have purchased two VIP Adults tickets for Thunder Valley Sat 25th and can't go. Sell $160 each, PM me
  12. Believe me, it was!
  13. Thanks for the advice, will check. Also, forgot to say, when I was on the bleeding proccess and try to put 100psi on the bladder, the bladder cap and clip blew up in the air. So freaking scary man... You have to love KYB shocks.
  14. First time working on a 2009 KYB shock. After working on the suspension I can get the shock right (bleeding). Have tried twice per Honda service manual and after charging the nitro and pushing the shaft down you can see that it is barely coming back up not even to a full extension with 145-170psi. I am assuming there is still air somewhere. I had bleeded a '08 Showa and have no problems. But this KYB it's very different. I have read quite a few bleeding threads but non of them for a KYB from a CRF450R 2009. Please any advice will be welcome, Thank you in advance.
  15. ZeekWorld

    KYB Free Piston

    Thanks for the advice, this morning I ordered the plastic ones and will be drilling the holes.