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    KTM 990 vs Honda TRX700

    there is nothing wrong with the 700xx, it is heavy but is a great trail bike. couple friends have them and they do everything great but drift through the corners

    dallas Area?


    Red Bull Last Man Standing

    same here, we got into there area, i think it is Bill's woods, that had a bunch valley and lose hill climbs. i broke my ankle out there two weeks after the LMS race. they are doing it again this year in Dec.

    Last Man Standing!

    i rode the corse the weekend after the race, and they did not even show the hardest stuff on film. they could not have cameras back up in the too easily. there was one part of the corse that went up the side of a wooded hill, that had at least ten switch backs, so speed would not have helped you climb it.

    Last Man Standing!

    i love it up there, i got to watch LMS first hand, and i going to try to be a course worker this year. they are doing it again in Dec. i guess the texas heat in Nov. was too much for some people
  6. i could not find it, but here are some pictures of me and my friends bike. http://www.dfwstangs.net/forums/showthread.php?t=256801
  7. hmmm, well i had fun out there this weekend, granted i am just getting back into the bike thing after racing cars for awhile.

    went to rocky ridge yesterday

    had a blast yesterday. went up some stuff i did not think i would be able to, but the 600's torque just took me right up it. found out, that i am not too much slower the my friends CRF450, and can hang with a YZ250 and then pull away from him when he runs out of gear, he is topped out, and i just reaching the top of third. just some info on my bike. 84 XL600R, the bike is in top shape, he i have bearly had a week and have already had three offers on it. the back has just bearly over 2000 miles on it and it is bone stock and runs like a top.
  9. Rocky ridge too far?
  10. SNEAKY

    XR 650 Turbo

    i think i will leave the turbos on my car:D