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  1. Washington

    Is this race still a go? been raining a lot this week. Cool race but understand weather has the say.
  2. wonder if there will be a fog horn! cant see the road on way to work this morning.
  3. Washington

    The race is on national forrest land. I called the club they said so far its still on,but to keep an eye on thier web site if things change.
  4. Washington

    The flier say nothing about spark arrestors on it though. just saying.
  5. Washington

    Says the Democrat, its not a tax its a fee! look they have money still. Im the tax man yeah the tax man.
  6. Washington

    We talked to the ranger the lower part is open but needs some clearing. Upper late july as is normal. The lower part is good for kids.
  7. Washington

    My boy Tyler spoke with him last night. He is pretty banged up but is going to be ok. May get released today. Not going to be to specific as I dont know if he wants that. He has been racing for some time, Open A this year. Didnt see the drop off untill the guy in front of him disappeared down it, he went all the way to the bottom hit hard. Thank goodness he will be OK, Great Kid..Young man.
  8. When I decided to not grease my trailer bearings. Costlow services in Odessa wa. saved the day, days:lol: Nice guy good work. a little out of the way though:busted:
  9. Washington

    Our club doesnt pay the volunteers whm put in countless hours toward the races and the sport.But this year we are going to double that amount to cut down on complaints:banana:
  10. Washington

    Great event and weather. one thing i think could improve is waiting till 4:45 pm for trophies for a 9:00 am race. when you have to leave home at 4:00 am to make the start makes a long day of it. Wont stop us from coming back next year as its a great place. thanks:thumbsup:
  11. Washington

    Hey Brett, You can get a nice saw and support a local bike shop to! Smokey Point Cycle Barn has Husky power equipt now. I was checking out the 338 arbor saw the other day there. nice:ride:
  12. Washington

    I have always just put on the year and month on the steering stem for years and never been hassled, till this year at rimrock where they had about 500 sheriffs on hand. They wanted the big ones on each side plate. When i told them we replace plastic and numbers during the year they said no excuse, to get new ones each time. Let us race though. guess we will bring them and some tape if we go to rimrock next year.
  13. Washington

    Great way to save $ on awards instead of trophies give out sandbags! coarse then theres the shirts... Maybe (I smoked the 80 year olds and woman) or (my bike went 1/2 way)
  14. Washington

    Been useing the Rocky Mtn. X ring gold and alloy great price and wears well. plus BRP chain guide.