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  1. All, This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Garrett Michael Berg - Remembering Those Who Rode. One major change is where it’s going to be held. Instead of being at Splendora it will be hosted my Rio Brovo Motocross Park. Visit www.riobravomx.com The actual event date is October 7th but many we’ll be there on the 6th as well. Come on out and support the GMB and remember those who rode.
  2. b-bike

    GMB - "Remembering Those Who Rode" 2008

    Doc, I can feel the emotion while scrolling thru your pictures. Thanks for giving of yourself and your skilz behind the lens. It helps those of us who miss being there with all you fine people. And thanks for hoisting a few for me. You Da Man.
  3. b-bike

    KLR Pics - Post Em

    Last year my riding partner and I took a three day 830 mile trip thru Oregon. Here are just a few of the pic's we took. At the garage before the start, Mile #1. Looking at the John Day River. We put the bikes in the room for the night. Rolling them out for another days ride. Just outside of John Day Around the 7500 ft level about 20 miles east of John Day. That was truly an amazing trip. In more then one way, that trip touched my heart deeply.
  4. b-bike

    BMW F800GS vibration

    I agree with x2468. Post up a ride report on your F800GS (pavement, gravel roads, dirt). I'm looking at getting the 800GS or 650GS. But I'm leaning very much twoards the 800.
  5. b-bike

    GMB - "Remembering Those Who Rode" 2008

    Well put. I wasn't able to make it this year too however, in spirit I'm there. I plan on calling Mike Berg tomorrow morning while he's on the way up to Splendora. For him, that drive is one of the most difficult to do each year. But you'll never keep that MAN away from any GMB. Mike... Your whole family as well as those who are taking part in this years GMB are being lifted up in prayer.
  6. b-bike

    Gearing Up KLR650:

    I'm going to be doing the same thing soon. The 16-t is on it's way to my house as we speak.
  7. I just ordered the Kenda K761. It looks almost the same as the Avon your looking at. http://www.kendausa.com/motorcycle/dual_sport.html
  8. b-bike

    Oregon Back Country Discovery Route

    The length depends on how much, and what sections, of the OBCDR you ride. Some people say they have finished it with around 700 miles. Others say it takes 900+. My riding partner and I plan on doing as much of the Back Country Route as possiable. Even if it takes two different trips to do it.
  9. b-bike

    Oregon Back Country Discovery Route

    To do this ride you should use a dual sport type bike. There are some areas on this route that are 100+ miles between fuel stops. Lighting is also something you will need plenty of.
  10. The title says is all. (Almost) My partner and I are planning of hitting the OBCDR in the late spring of 2008. If any one has actual riding knowledge of this route, please post it here. The bikes were going to be riding; His bike is a 2005 XRL-650. The bike has many extras as well as the large capacity fuel tank. My bike is a 2007 KLR-650. So far my bike is mostly stock but that is going to change before we hit the trail. Hand guards (Bark Busters), hard terrain tires, trail ready saddle bags are among the items I want to have on my scoot. We’ve thought about doing this for quite a while now and it looks like it will happen next year. This January were sending off for all the maps so we can start plotting each days ride. We also plan on having another guy travel along with us that will be driving a chase truck with a tent-trailer in tow. Our supplies list is growing almost every day. So far it includes items ranging form spare inner tubes to cell phones and G.P.S. units. Any help, information from those who have been on this ride would be greatly appreciated. Boyd
  11. Mike, Were leaving Portland Airport at 12:05 p.m. tomorrow. See ya real soon. :confused:
  12. b-bike

    Please stop to remember Garrett

    Well said Bill. We here in Oregon will be thinking and praying for the Berg family tomorrow.
  13. Peternewrider, If there is any way you could make it to the "GMB-Remembering Those Who Rode" event weekend you will never be the same. Then you will see for yourself the positive effects the Memorial event has on those attending. You said it correct when you called it a "Family of Garrett". It's family all weekend.
  14. b-bike

    KLR 650 Question

    Thanks for the link. I'm there as we speak.
  15. b-bike

    KLR 650 Question

    Never mind posting information. When I went to look at the bike yesterday and it was apparent that this bike was "PERFECT". It is a 2007 with only 227 miles on it. It also comes a three year maintenance agreement as well. The price was close to $2000 less then the new 07's that are still on the showroom floor. I think I got a great deal.