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  1. I didn't see the coverage, but that was such an exciting race, the only way to see it was in person, there was awesome race action come time for 250 moto 2, i was right behind reed stuck in the rut, then bubba fallin over, people mud slidding down bikini hilll and the spectacle of those ridders blasting at over 40 mph on killer whoops, it was by in far the best race i've ever attended.
  2. chump

    looking for people to ride with in Florida

    uhh.......where is the SE forum, It isn't popping up on my puter.
  3. I'm moving to Florida in 10 days and am looking for people to ride with who can show me some of the motocross in the Gainesville area. Or if someone know of some tracks in the Gainesville area i'd just like to hear where.
  4. chump

    swappiing on fast jump

    thanks for that link Climber, I will be working on whips also, it is something i should have done years ago, but if i force myself i think i will gain a lot of lost confidence. When i think about it i am lucky it neve rhappenbd on my old 426, wow that thing was like a tank for me over 80 ftrs, just hit er and try to keep it straight philosophy just doesn't sound as smart to me anymore
  5. chump

    swappiing on fast jump

    thanks for that link Climber, I will be working on whips also, it is something i should have done years ago, but if i force myself i think i will gain a lot of lost confidence.
  6. chump

    swappiing on fast jump

    i hear ya climber. I went down twice from swappin this summer and they both chrunched adn hurt. I have got to do something different. I was thinking the same, but i want to practice my whips on a large step up but haven't been able to locate one yet.
  7. i have been so frustrated this summer, i haven't even rode for a couple of weeks now but i'm ready again. in the past i've never had any trouble jumping now this summer, getting on some new soil, i've been swapping real bad on these doubles that i have to be on the pipe all the way up the face to clear. i'm gripping the bike hard with my legs and it still will swap. when the back end starts to swap it's like i have no power over pulling it back, what am i doing wrong. i'm not a great rider, i'm still learning how to move the bike in the air, but any advice would be appreciated. if all your going to do is rip on me then please save it.
  8. chump

    Gary Semics vs. Hughes

    thanks for the heads up, gary i'll be ordering some vids soon!
  9. chump

    trouble with whoops

    So your so good that makes you above everyone else. so what if they were the easiest whoops you've ever seen they're still giving me trouble, so grow up.
  10. chump

    trouble with whoops

    I would love to post a pic for you guys but no digicam. and no they aren't huge whoops and i'm a c class rider so get over it! but i did have a big break through today. My 250f is still quite new to me and i'm learning as i go. i had all my suspension adjusted to stock settings and i went two, three, four, then five, then all the way in on my rebound and i figured out my shock is shot and that is probably a big part of why i'm having so much trouble. I rode my buddies track on tues., real sugar sand track, and with my rebound cranked in all the way i could handle the bike through the whoops section and that made me feel good but on my harder pack whoops the bike still bucks like a wild beaast. i'll hopefully have the oil changed and a nitrogen recharge by friday adn i'll post back with how it goes, thanks for all the input, it has helped a lot even though much of what one guy says contradicts another, different strokes for different folks. thanks
  11. i don't have the cash to afford all gary's vids, so my question is how do the hughes and , ahh who is the other one? wey or is is millsapes? either way, how do those videos stack up in thouroughness?
  12. chump

    it all goes out the window?

    yeaah that makes sense. I just need to keep practicing i guess. i used to ride bmx when i was little and there it was like you said, reaction, i don't think i've got that second nature thing yet.
  13. chump

    trouble with whoops

    ok, i rode this morning, bright and early, and i had more speed today but the faster i go the more the seat keeps smacking me in the butt=more out of control? any thoughts? my sag is a little over at 110mm, i won't have a chance to ride any more today but wed. oh and where does contol and speed intermingle, am i going to slow is that why i feel so squirrly?
  14. anybody have any idea?
  15. sounds like they are an ok boot, maybe i'll get a pair.