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  1. Trent32

    WR250 - left over 08 vs left over 07

    Thanks Walt. i have heard good things about the rekluse pro...Looks like I am going to have to get with the husky dealer and get this deal going...where in Montana do you live? My parents moved to Bozeman a couple years ago and I have been thinking about dragging the bike up there for some trail riding.
  2. Trent32

    WR250 - left over 08 vs left over 07

    I hear ya on everything except the height...the taller the better for me..I look like grape ape on a bike and usually have to slap on a tall seat. Sounds like one less thing to do with the bike... Also, has anyone run a Rekluse on these bikes? Is it worth the investment? I do some wide open stuff, but i also do some tight rocks and single track here in Colorado...
  3. Trent32

    WR250 - left over 08 vs left over 07

    Thanks for the info. I have been ridding a CRF 450, but I am going back to my roots on a husky.
  4. Trent32

    WR250 - left over 08 vs left over 07

    I have also been looking at the 08 wr 250. Does anyone know whether the October issue of Dirt Bike is accurate about the low end power of this bike? They described it as "very soft"????
  5. Trent32

    New graphics on my 505

    I have the same set on my 505 and they are great. He is a great seller and delivered exactly what was promised.
  6. I only trail ride mine and it works great, but agree with Kirk that you have to do a couple of mods to the carb to make it work. Otherwise, it works great on the trail.
  7. Mine had some leak issues, but my cycle shop fixed them under warranty...no issues now (knock on wood)....
  8. Trent32


    Ron Wood started the company and he was with Honda racing for many years. I have seen many guys run their stuff and all have nothing but good things to say about their products, etc.
  9. Go with the power pump. I put one on my bike and it cures the problem and it is much less expensive.
  10. Trent32

    Anybody try a Durelle ride height adjuster?

    I have seen the part and have heard good things about it from various people, but have not tried one myself.
  11. sorry, I should have just sent one reponse, but the bike does have adjustable triple clamps. They should come in the position which allows the bike to turn more quickly but you can change them. The bars also have 4 different position settings. I am tall so I ride with them in the farthest position forward. The bike also has a two map ignition that you can change by unplugging it under the tank. It should come pluggin in which is full power mode and unplugged it is more of a trail setting. KTM also makes a switch that you can mount on your handlebars to switch between the setting. Very trick.
  12. I also change the oil every ride just to be safe...I am anal that way, but I also use the recommended motorex oil. It is a little expensive, but I wanted to make sure that I was covered if anything went wrong and KTM had to fix something under the warranty.
  13. I am about your size and came off of CR500s and CRF450s and I love this bike. The jetting is going to give you headaches unless you purchase a merge racing or R&D power pump right off the bat. The 505XC does not come with a leak jet in the float bowl and you cannot cure the bog off of idle. I installed the R&D because you didn't have to drill anything and the problem was cured. I have ridden it on the track and trails and it does both relatively well. The bike does get a little hot on really nasty single track, but it keeps chugging. I absolutely fell in love with the bike after I figured out the jetting issue.
  14. Trent32

    R&D Power Bowl on 450SXF

    Here is the link to the write up...well worth reading in its entirety http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=563932&highlight=adjustable+leak+jet
  15. Trent32

    R&D Power Bowl on 450SXF

    I have the 08 505, but I did not purchase the entire power bowl. The power bowl may work great, but for the money I think the power pump (which I believe is now 99.99) or the Merge racing version of the same device is the way to go. It is easy to install and has an externally adjustable leak jet which is what the float bowl of the 505 is lacking. I tried all sorts of jetting changes and could not get the bike to run right off of idle (including all of the modifications you have mentioned). I installed the R&D power pump (not the power bowl) and the problem is solved. I think JD also has a replacement bowl with the leak jet installed for less money that the power pump. I also know that merge racing makes the same sort of device and it works excellent as well. I have a previous post on here with a link to a very detailed write up done by another TT member (or you can search or adjustable leak jet and it should come up).