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  1. madmax6x9


  2. will the honda won both Transsworld and Dirt Rider's shootout
  3. madmax6x9

    06 crf 250

    the crf250 won most of the shootouts.
  4. madmax6x9

    Which way do you whip it?

    like a pancake!
  5. madmax6x9

    Do you remember your first big air??

    my firs big air was about 4 months after i started rifing on my yz85 i did this 60ft double at my track and casted it by 4ft and broke my arm...now i i can do it in second on my crf250
  6. madmax6x9

    Best Book with MX Techniques?

    ill second mikerides33.
  7. madmax6x9

    any racing techniques

    just ride ALOT and practive sections of the track were you need to improve.
  8. madmax6x9

    06 reliability

    my 06' is holding up sience october and im about to shim the intake.
  9. madmax6x9

    woods racers that had 05 now have 2006's

    god does evreyone on this site ride trails
  10. madmax6x9

    considering a CRF 250

    im 5'5" and i ride an 06 crf250 and i never heve problem...unless your slow you shouldnt have problems with touching bc you lean into the turns.
  11. madmax6x9

    what do u think!!

    it will prob be ok, but check it anyway i have the quickshot and its awesome cleans up throttle respone.
  12. madmax6x9

    looking for cheap ways to gain bottom end..

    he said a CHEAP way to get bottom end.
  13. madmax6x9

    aftermarket exhaust?

    well i have a 2006 crf250 with the fmf factory 4.1 cans and they are so awesome, it adds a little on the bottom gives it MONSTER mid-range and improved top-end power.and thats just the cans they run about 400, ive had them on for a month and there great just make shure you go to a 145 pilot and go 2 sizes up in main jet,really has great throttle response.
  14. madmax6x9

    pictures of teh crfo6

    nice ass triples...the graphicsare kind of corny though.
  15. madmax6x9

    2006 CRF250R Is it a good bike?

    i have an 06 and after carb adjustments and boysen accelarator pump it never bogs.