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  1. SBK281

    Miami Creek questions

    Thanks Mike. I guess that rules out Miami Creek. I'll have to check it out sometime without the kids or wait untill they get a little older.
  2. SBK281

    Miami Creek questions

    I was thinking about camping there over spring break with the kids. What are the trails like. Are there trails close to the staging areas where kids with 50s could ride. Could I get in there with a with a 24' TT. Thanks for any help.
  3. Thanks I couldn't find it on cyclenews tv listings
  4. Anybody know what time and channel the daytona supercross is on.
  5. I have a 94 F250 ext. cab 4x4 with a 460 and E4OD trans. I am looking to buy a 30 ft Rage'n fifth wheel that weighs 8100lbs empty. I have looked in my manual and can't find ratings for my truck. Anybody towing anything similar.
  6. SBK281

    Independent Suspension

    I had the forks done on my 00 426 and all I can say is they have their setting pretty stiff. I race Vet novice district 37 GP and had to take my forks back three time to soften them up. They do very clean work and will replace all seals and bushing reguardless of how much time is on them, but they do quality work you just have to pay for it.
  7. SBK281

    MX tattoos

    If you did'nt get paid you lost your ASS
  8. SBK281

    94 kx250 Jetting

    Just bought a 94 kx250 and the jetting is wayyyyy off. I went back to stock jetting and it is really rich. I currently have a 165 main NIEE Neddle and 45 pilot, 1.5 on the air screw. It is still really rich on the bottom end. It smokes like a chimnet and it spews spoo out the exhaust even when ridden had. I want to lean it out but i dont want to seize it. Im in Ca. at about 1000 ft please help.
  9. SBK281

    exhaust systems

    Why does everybody hammer on Dr.D exhausts. I have run Pro circuit, FMF, WB, and DSP. The best quality and best fitting, and best running pipe I have ever had was a Dr.D. I ride District 37 GP and want a great spread of power for off road and MX. Not everyone wants to run their bike at 10K+ RPM, Novices, Pro, SX, or Off Road, we all can't be RC, but everyone lives and dies by the dyno which is 100% traction and not the real world. Everyone needs to accept what works for them and not everyone elses opinion about HP numbers and ride what they prefer. If people could just give advice about the power and where it is, it would make finding the right parts for your bike SO Much easier.