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  1. the average car-driving, non-moto-riding joe knows what a 'dual sport' is?
  2. 707, you missed an amazing day in nor-cal...get that bike on the road! i'm sure it wasn't this hot, but hey...even if it's 10° off, it's FEB!!!
  3. got the pilot powers mounted. sunday will now be bicycle ride, followed by break-in new tires and finish bedding in new pads...then superbo, i mean 'the big game'.
  4. finally pulled the trigger on a new rotor, and of course pads...thanx Forrest!
  5. led bar mounted on top of lic. plate bracket, turn signals mounted forward on the rear fender so i don't kick 'em when getting on the bike.
  6. couple new shots of my '05SM...
  7. got a throttle tube and cable from eddie yesterday, installed this morning. nice and quick, smooth. cable is the perfect length. love it when stuff works like it should the first time! thanx eddie!
  8. we're obviously not on the same page here...
  9. craig, those look really nice...aussie made? the leather looks to be really high quality.
  10. had some a-stars, loved 'em. just got these a couple weeks ago...for me, even better.
  11. these were on the doorstep when i got home...i'll take 'em for a spin tomorrow
  12. took this one on Oct 31, about 3 in the afternoon. hwy 1 above stinson beach, CA.
  13. love getting new parts delivered! you might want to pull the rubber inserts out of your pegs, the rubber is super slippery when it's wet as i'm sure you know living where you do...or order up some IMS pegs:thumbsup:
  14. i think you've asked your question in exactly the same fashion again... are you asking what kind of terrain the high and low speed damper circuits work on? the low speed would be g-outs or compressions, ie slower suspension movement. hight speed would be hard edge bumps, whoop sections, washboard/braking bumps, ie faster suspension movement. does that answer your question?
  15. installed R6 throttle tube (nice) and went back to stock brake pads up front. oil change sunday while it's raining