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  1. redryder428

    Just Moved to MISSOURI anyone want to ride??!!

    sounds fun....let me know where!!! Iam itchin to ride....
  2. ill check it out...are you near Branson??!! Im not sure where asherville is or poplar bluff, or the bootheel....its all greek to me right now!!
  3. ....thanks for all the imput and help guys, Ive been buggin out tryin to get it started, I think I even bruised the bottom of my foot, haha , but Ive narrowed it down to a fouled plug, hopefully, again I appreciate all the help.....Hopefully Ill be checkin out some new spots this weekend!!!!
  4. thanks Jeff.....I started it up Yesterday when I got here and tried to run it up the block but it backfired and then wouldnt fire back up??!!
  5. Can anyone help me on jetting.....do I need to re-jet?? I was between sea level and 1000 feet in CA. Now Im probably 1000 - 1500 feet.....any help qould be greatly appreciated.......there are no shops around to find out!!
  6. redryder428

    Just Moved to MISSOURI anyone want to ride??!!

    you got it Rick.....Im itchin to get out ASAP....hit me up
  7. redryder428

    Just Moved to MISSOURI anyone want to ride??!!

    Thanks everyone!!! I will keep in touch and if anyone is heading out to a track or that Chadwick area....Email me or PM me on TT Iam always down for a ride!!
  8. Hey, I just moved here to Branson, Missouri.....never been here, and dont know anyone...if anyone is in the area and down to ride or show me some spots I would greatly appreciate it!! Also does anyone no the elevation here??!! I think I may need to re-jet my bike comming from Southern California!!
  9. K-Dub is the man, Its too bad he wont be in the first few races of SX....Compound fractured both the bones in his arm practicing!!!
  10. Damn, not again!!!! is it just me or does everyone notice this PoorLilRich F k talkin shit in every forum!! Sick pics Dave !! Keep em commin, get the water all dialed in on your track yet??!!
  11. redryder428

    Sick jump vids

    haha.....Thats just past the Store there right......Ill be there brother!!!!!
  12. redryder428

    Sick jump vids

    YZFSOCAL.....Im hittin up Ocotilla for a day trip on Sunday, gonna be riding PoleLine hit me up if your gonna be out there!!
  13. redryder428

    KROC Stewart Exhibition Photos

    awesome pics!!! looks like they finally got Bubbas 450 dialed in! Now he doesnt have any excuses......
  14. redryder428

    Picture of Travis and the Double Backflip.

    Aint that the Truth.....Ive seen some video of Travis trying a new trick where he jumps off the bike, the bike backflips and then he tries to remount(the bike actually flips next to him).....he is an amazing talent!!!
  15. redryder428

    DVD advice for XMAS gifts.....

    Mini Warriors is a good series