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  1. First oil change on my new bike - Prequel: I had some very sticky caramel candy in my mouth that was being troublesome during the whole change. Story: I proceeded to drain the oil. I touched the oil to out of curiosity to see how hot it was (since the oil drains better the warmer it is). It wasn't hot, but the caramel was messing with my teeth. I reached in my mouth not realizing I had used engine oil on my fingers to try to pick off the sticky candy off of my teeth. I then realized what I had done and quickly spit and washed my mouth out. I was really only concerned about the metal flakes coming off of the new engine parts. Even IF I had swallowed the oil, would I have anything to worry about? I feel retarded
  2. I know that many use chemicals that are somewhat abrasive yet safe on metals for cleaning their bikes, but I'm just not paying $9 retail for a bottle of that stuff. What is something good but safe I can pick up at Wal-Mart or a similar store that won't damage or discolor plastic and aluminum? I know Purple Power is more powerful than Simple Green, but aren't both de-greasers (not suitable for light cleaning?)
  3. R1der

    Bad eye sight + riding

    Anyone else have this problem? I want to ride again but I am scared to because I can't feel comfortable without wearing glasses while riding and I can't wear goggles over the glasses. For those with bad eyes and ride, how do you manage? Without glasses, I can't see much fast enough to make good decisions while riding. Just bought a brand new KX250F.
  4. Obviously we all want a good deal, but is there anyone out there who consistently sells tons of bikes and is able to give great prices that no one can compete with? I've heard of wholesale bike sales but don't know if I believe it. I haven't found a legit wholesaler at least that will sell to me. I would be fine with a leftover 2009 or 2010 model if the price is good. I'm looking for a 250f any brand.
  5. Yeah... on Speed. Looks lame too.
  6. I'll be at Flat Rock this weekend taking pics. What class do you run there?
  7. Hey man what # are you? I may of got pics of you. I seen myself in the vid taking pics haha. That 721 you bumped into a little bit going into the woods is one of my friends... lives near me.
  8. Got some pics up of the amateur/pro's. If you rode, you might find yourself: http://basedonstyle.exposuremanager.com
  9. Some pics of the GNCC amateur bike race can be found at: http://basedonstyle.exposuremanager.com Here are some samples:
  10. R1der

    $300 to spend

    put it towards your next bike imo or gear... can never have too much gear.
  11. Title basically asks my question... I would imagine Suzuki would be as good as the rest. I found a decent deal so I was just wondering...
  12. R1der

    Where to buy a new 250F?

    Just saw an 07 crf250 on ebay for $3995 but has a freakin destination charge of 495 ( complete bs ). thats all they had on ebay.
  13. Where is the best place to buy a new 250F for the best price? I found an 07 CRF250R for $4500 OTD I think. Can this deal be beat??
  14. R1der

    '96 YZ 250 - What are your thoughts?

    My friend got an 03 or 04 for like $1700 so $2grand is def high. Especially with the 2 stroke market... theres no way that bike could sell for that much. For some reason the second pic makes it look like an alum frame tho?? 1st pic looks older. Also who knows what kinda shape it is in really? Cosmetically it looks fine but 12 years is a long time for wear and tear to invest in something like that.