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  1. Steven450R

    Wife Quad CAN-AM series

    I don't have any personal experience with Can-Am series of quads. I've had experience with the honda 250ex & they're a pretty good atv. The raptor 250 is good pick as well, it has a manual clutch.
  2. Steven450R

    Lets see The Rm's

    Thanks guys, can't wait to take it out. Did a stupid thing yesterday, remeber this is my first dirt bike & I've mainly riden atv. I went to go start it, so I can take it up & down the my alley. Well I forgot to check tripod after I started it:rant: . I was walking to open the gate & the bike fell:foul:. Broke half of the clutch lever, I've got ASV levers on order now:bonk: I'm from Delano, 30 min north of Bakersfield.
  3. Steven450R

    Lets see The Rm's

    Here's mine brand new 2006 RM125
  4. Steven450R

    06 RM125 or 07 RMZ250

    Thanks for all your help. I’m going down to the dealership Saturday & hopefully get it. I’ll like to get a new 4 stroke, but it’s something that I can’t afford right now. A 4 stroke well probably fit me better since I race a 4 stroke atv, but the $$ is an issue right now for me. I know for a fact the 125 isn’t going to be over 3k. They’re a sponsor on my atv, so I might get it even cheaper.
  5. Steven450R

    06 RM125 or 07 RMZ250

    Thank you for your reply lastchancebev. I race an ATV & I'm tearing it down for a rebuild right now. I'll like to get a bike to ride in the mean time & I’ve been wanting to get a dirt bike. I might end up racing it in the future, but I’m ready to race a dirt bike yet. I’ll get a 450 to race when that time comes. I’m sponsored by my local dealer. I’ll be able to get a pretty good deal on either one. I’ve read about the problems with rmz250, so I’m little worried about getting one, even though I love 4s. The bottom line for me is, I don’t want to spend allot $$ on a bike right now & I’m not ready for have another 6-7k loan. They also have the RC replica bike on sale.
  6. Steven450R

    06 RM125 or 07 RMZ250

    I went down to my local dealer & they have couple left over Suzuki bikes that I can get a very good deal on. I can get the 06 RM125 for 3K or a 07 RMZ250 for good price. I’m just looking for a play bike that I can hone my skills on. The salesman recommended that I should get the RMZ250, they’re disparate to get rid of the 125. What do you guys think I should go for?
  7. Steven450R

    Motostrano Supermoto Race Series

    I'll see about making the Oct. 15th race. I'll try to get couple of people to show up hopefully. Do you have a schedule set? If not, are you looking to run at Buttonwillow? Thats in my backyard. Has their been any interest for a ATV class?
  8. Steven450R

    Motostrano Supermoto Race Series

    Is their going to be a ATV class? I'll be at Grange next weekend for the nasmoto race.
  9. Steven450R

    2007 Stateline Supermoto Challenge

    I guess it's time for me to pony up and get myself a sway bar.
  10. Steven450R

    Bakersfield, Ca SVRA

    Sorry about that. I'm not TT regular, so I went through kinda quick and didn't see anything.
  11. Steven450R

    Bakersfield, Ca SVRA

    I'm not sure if this has been posted yet:thinking: I'm plaining on attending. As the Bakersfield State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) moves through the approval process, there is a need for off roaders to show up to support the project at a public hearing of the Kern County Planning Commission on Thursday, September 14 at 7:00 PM in the Board of Supervisor chambers, 1115 Truxtun Avenue in Bakersfield. In the planning stages for five years, the project has several critical objectives to successfully clear in the weeks ahead. Planned amenities include restrooms, tracks, trails, and onsite rangers. A thorough Environmental Impact Report is underway. Details can be seen on the Kern Off Highway Vehicle Association website at www.kohva.com . The worst case scenario would be for a room full of project opponents to show up for this meeting and only a handful of off roaders. Keep two things in mind: 1) There are those out there who will do anything to block this off road park because of their disdain for off roaders young and old. 2) The world is run by those who show up. During such Planning Commission hearings, people will get up one at a time and either speak in opposition to or in support of the SVRA. If you are not comfortable speaking for a minute or two in public, we still need large numbers of off roaders in the audience. Meeting times and dates can change at the last minute but as of right now, the Planning Commission hearing is planned for THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 AT 7:00 PM IN THE KERN COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS CHAMBERS, 1115 TRUXTUN AVENUE IN BAKERSFIELD. For more information contact dick@corva.org http://www.district37ama.org/forums/showth...ed=1#post125800 http://www.trx450r.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=27808&st=0entry278678
  12. Steven450R

    450 R front shock question.

    They're only compression and rebound adjustable.
  13. Steven450R

    Feel the LOVE!

    Theirs couple of dumb ****s quad riders out their, they believe they can't do anything wrong. Thats one of the reason why I stoped riding trails.
  14. Steven450R

    Help a quad rider out with axis setup.

    Next time you go out run about 10 all the way around and see what happens. I run 10-12 in the front & 12-14 in the rear of mine, I've got beadlocks in the rear also.
  15. Steven450R

    Help a quad rider out with axis setup.

    How much PSI are you running in your tires? It sounds like you might not be running enough air in your tires.