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    *repeat* big 3x3 Thanks

    Geez, I almost feel bad asking. But I am. cphoto98@hotmail.com if you please. Thanks!
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    DRZ400s electrical problem

    Alright folks, I've got a fun nagging problem for yall. My 02 DRZ400s is having a little electrical gremlin that I can't track down. The bike runs great but it'll cut out at random. No rhyme or reason, no specific time or tempature. It might happen when I'm trying to start it and it might happen in downtown traffic, might be on the highway. All I care about is that it's still happening and I can't track the short down. The bike simply looses spark, like the kill switch is flipped off. Battery is good, all lights and dash work. So by my thinking it could be the kill switch or the safety on the kick. Note that it's not a problem that's only encountered when starting the bike, it can cut out while driving 30mph down the road just as easily as it might not start in the driveway. Are there any other electric kills? Maybe a thermostat or oil temp sensor short? I've got all day today set aside to get this thing nailed, I hate having a bike that might not run. Thanks! Chris