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    Bad news for a proud RMZ450 owner

    Well I went today and priced the parts, and it looks like it's going to cost me about $140 out of my pocket, that is including the $200 credit from suzuki.That is for parts to rebuild the crank(rod, crank pin, bearing) plus a piston kit, gasket kit , and timing chain. All the parts were available except the timing chain, so we are going to use the old chain and replace it when it comes off backorder. Suzuki still swears there is nothing wrong with the chain being stiff from link to link. They say it is still new and hasn't broken in yet. I have been around engines a long time and I have never seen a timing chain that felt like this so we are replacing it. Also they suggested just honing the cylinder since it isn't damaged that bad. They also said to verify oil pressure when we run it to be at least 20 psi at 3000 rpm. As far as the screens go we have not decided if we are going to leave them out or not. The suzuki tech suggested that also. But it seems risky. Plus these screens were far from clogged. The only thing on the screen was the damaged bearing. So my question is, are the screens themselves causing a restriction on oil flow and suzuki just doesn't want to admit it. Because that seems to be a big modification to the oiling system. Meaning those screens offer a line of defense for the oil pumps and removing that seems risky. All it takes is one peace of a chipped gear to jam that pump and then your whole engine is starved and major damage happens. We have a week to decide since we are waiting on parts. Any input on this would be appreciated...
  2. Atone

    Bad news for a proud RMZ450 owner

    Well guys, my buddy got some news back from Suzuki Tech today. After looking at the pictures he sent them they are willing to do $200 towards the repair and that's it. Luckily that might cover most of the cost of the parts because my local dealer is willing to sell me parts cheap. Plus my buddy said that he isn't going to charge me for the labor. Tech also said to replace just the rod, crank pin, pin bearing, wristpin, and piston.He also had a lot of other comments about this failure that I'm going to let my friend write about... When I called tech services I talked to a really nice guy named Frank that filled me in on a few things. He said that this failure was from oil starvation to the rod and piston. I argued saying that the entire engine is in good shape other than these failed parts, especially the cams and valve buckets. Usually the cams will show wear when oil pressure is low. But he says that on these bikes the rod will be the first part to fail if any oil starvation occurs. I then asked how if he changes the oil every weekend (he rides about 6hrs every weekend) how this could occur. He said that the oil screens probably were restricted. Well, the only thing on the oil screens was bearing debris from the rod, so how could this be a restriction problem. He asked if Atone lands on the gas hard off big jumps. I replied yes of coarse, that's how you ride. He said that this causes the gears in the transmission to wear allowing particles to clog the oil screens. He said that these screens should be cleaned every 8 hrs. I laughed saying that means that the cases would have to be split every week. He said that's what is recommended. Then he said that if it was him rebuilding the engine he would leave out the screens. I was amazed by this and I would have argued if it didn't come from a Suzuki tech. I asked if that would help keep this from happening again, he offered no real reassurance. I mentioned the fact that if there were no screens that there would be no protection for the oil pumps from any future debris. He said that it didn't matter, that the oil pump should be replaced at 6 month intervals anyway no matter. I was a little concerned after this conversation as far as the design of this engine. There seem to be some drastic requirements to keep this engine healthy. I am trying not to discredit this bike in any way that doesn't seem justified to me. But there seem to be some inherent problems with the design. Now I promise all you guys that we held up our end as far as the maitenance and care and break in of this bike. And I hope none of you have this misfortune. I also feel that they should have helped a little more, but we're glad to get any help at all. That's my 2cents worth.
  3. Atone

    Bad news for a proud RMZ450 owner

    Hey guys, I think there was some confusion about the statement I made about the oil. I have changed my oil and filter 3 times already. My tech friend changes oil religously every 6 hours.He says for the minimal cost of oil it is worth it for added peace of mind. When I said it still looked new I meant since the last oil change. I thought every 6 hours was a little extreme but he has a real good history with all his bikes being 95% reliable. This problem was not from lack of changing oil, that's for sure. He called Suzuki for me and he says that the tech rep said that there have been no issues with crank failures on these bikes. I thought that was odd considering I read about at least one on here. He said the guy was real nice and wants a bunch of pics of the failed components and pics showing overall condition of the bike before they will authorize any good-will warranty help. It sounds hopeful that they will help me. If not, this will be the last Suzuki I ever buy. Anyway I hope this clears up any questions left from my original post.
  4. Hey guys, been reading this forum for a while now and I have to say its great. There is such a wealth of knowledge here, and opinions too. Any way, I recently purchased a RMZ 450. I bought it exactly 2 months ago. I love this bike and never regretted buying it. Instantly was comfortable on it. I have a friend that is a formal kawasaki\suzuki certified tech (harley davidson now) at a dealer who does all my maintenance. He is also my riding buddie. We ride about twice a week pretty much all day. We both have years of riding under our belt and place good in B class. Well all has been great till about 2 weeks ago. I noticed a progressively louder noise coming from the engine. We have done all the timing chain and valve adjustments as scheduled. Everything was good up top. So I rode it again for a short session and the noise still was there. So my friend did some troubleshooting on the engine tonight and noticed there was some play between the motion of the crank and the piston. He then proceeded to tear down the top end. Once the head was off there was noticable wear on the exhaust and intake sides of the cylinder. Nothing terrible but more than usual. Then we pulled the cylinder and found that the crank rod pin bearing was toast. I'm talking an 8th of an inch of play. Also the piston pin was scored where it contacts the rod. Needles to say, I wasn't happy. In disbelief really. This was my first new bike. I have always rode 2 or 3 year old bikes. Finally decided to get a new bike because I was tired of the small mechanical problems that happen on these bikes. So after weeks of deliberation, and hours on this website, I bought the RMZ. Kinda regretting it now a little. Especially since I have sold my older bike already. I am going to my local dealer here in NC tomorrow. He is a pretty good guy so I hope he can sweet talk the factory into helping with this problem. My friend says that it was a defect in material that caused the problem. The cams and shim buckets and valves all look like brand new. But he noticed that the cam chain was stiff. The links in the chain were binding and sticking when moved. It would hold its shape when moved. Definately not normal. Engine oil still looked new. I probably have about 25 hours on it. And haven't even been to a race yet. Just pratice laps. And it's not from overeving, because I like lugging the gears and shortshifting. That's what this bike likes. Well Just thought I would share my sorrow. I really love riding and this is hard to take. I definatley don't have the money to fix it now. Hopefully suzuki will help . I love the bike but I have lost confidence in it now. My friend rides a honda and suggested me buying one too. But I always liked suzuki and wanted to be different. Awesome bike though. I will post again later when some calls are made and hopefully good new is in hand.