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  1. 05Yzfofiddy

    Need new rims. what to look for/avoid? tusk brand?

    The dirtstars on my 16 Factory Edition 450 held up awesome. I got a flat front tire on the rocky powerline trails and rode it back flat and i didnt take it easy on it. was straight as day 1. very impressed with how they held up to that and just regular wear. didnt really scratch or get dinged up easy
  2. 05Yzfofiddy

    2017 KTM250SX Skid Plate????

    I had a 2016 KTM450 SXF factory edition. I had the acerbis skidplate for it. it fits the 17 ktm 250sx i got with some trimming and provides more coverage and is also a one bolt release
  3. 05Yzfofiddy

    2017 KTM 250SX

    I cant comment on how it changes it yet haven't had time to put them in yet, but I will update on the differences
  4. 05Yzfofiddy

    2017 KTM 250SX

    Still waitingon parts to arrive, I'll post pics as I put things on it, can't wait to rip it again, couldn't stop smiling the whole time.
  5. 05Yzfofiddy

    2017 KTM 250SX

    very good torque, Like I said in my post I'm coming off a 16 450FE, I feel it pulls stronger then that to be honest. bikes super light, corners great, like its on rails. super pumped on my purchase. I'm in the process of turning mine into a Factory edition replica. I already added a Acerbis skid plate, Renthal twinwall 999s, renthal intellilevers, Factory edition seat cover and graphics, bills works pipe, bills MX2 carbon silencer, and v force 4 reeds, cycra stadium plate.
  6. 05Yzfofiddy

    2017 KTM 250SX

    Hey guys I just picked up a brand new 2017 KTM 250sx. Went through the bike before I rode it, tore it down and packed all the bearings with grease and checked and put locktite on most of the bolts..... Took it out and ran it through some heat cycles on and off for about 1 hr. Parked it and dumped the oil, took it back out the next day and went a little harder on it. bikes awesome, I love it, I'm coming off a 16 450 Factory Edition, so far I honestly like it better. So I decided to play with the power valve springs, I installed the red spring, Backed out the adjuster 1.5 turns out counter clockwise, Def woke the bike up a lot, I feel it pulls harder from bottom up then my 450FE, Im love it. Talking to a buddy, I told him I put the red spring in, he told me his friend put the red spring in on his 17 TC250, did 3 laps and the top end grenaded?! I don't think it had anything to do with the spring change, since it only controls when the power valve opens, but has anyone heard of issues with running the red spring like what he told me???
  7. 05Yzfofiddy

    New 2017 TC250

    Deposits in! Cant wait
  8. http://m.ebay.com/itm/KTM-SX-/322063270931?nav=SEARCH noticed this factory edition 450 forsale on ebay while lookin for pre prints.
  9. Anyone notice their FE ticks louder than normal? Dealer said it might be because it needs to break in, as they never even started mine, picked it up with 0.0 on the hour meter? Mine seems to tick a little louder then im used to
  10. 05Yzfofiddy

    2016 450 FE no way

    Can I ask why you put the spark arrestor back in? I removed mine i havent rode it yet. and the dealer told me the oil in the ktms is not break in oil its the reg motorex
  11. 05Yzfofiddy

    KTM 2016 Recall

    Sweet, because I have a 450 FE on order for feb!
  12. 05Yzfofiddy

    KTM 2016 Recall

    I wonder if the factory edition 450s will have this issue fixed before delivery to dealerships?
  13. Put my deposit down on the 450FE yesterday. Cant wait
  14. 05Yzfofiddy

    AER 48 forks on 2016.5 Factory Edition

    Im also curious on the forks. I also put a down payment on mine yesterday. Im pumped!