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  1. My 16 X does it as well. But only when I am fiddling with it by hand. When I am racing or riding, It has never been an issue.
  2. Mine is out now for a big bore. can't wait to get it back
  3. Bring them on my friend. See you this weekend
  4. As a bonus with using the BBQ, the steaks you cook after have a nice petrol taste
  5. I use my gas grill. Heat to 350 and put both cases on it for about 20 min. The bearings have been in the freezer for several hours at this point. Then when all is ready, I drop bearings right in place. I tap it very lightly to make sure it is seated. I tried the oven method once. Cleaned the case halves in the dishwasher and heated in the oven and the wife was not happy with me after that.
    Love it
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    Love it
  7. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/862240-anyone-ever-broken-this-part I have broken many. I just remove the old part and let her rip
  8. WestVirginia

    Sweet. We have a group going to Rockhouse Oct 23-26
  9. When I converted my 2005 from 250 to 280 I went down from 13 oz Steahly to a 9 oz GYTR. But I also had mine ported for low to mid power.
  10. Great post you have. I have a 2005 KLX 300 that I picked up cheap and tagged here in VA. we should hook up and ride soon. Just a little info on suspension upgrades that I did. I had a 2004 RMZ250 parts bike and fitted the whole front end on. It was really a simple install. All I had to do was press the KLX stem into the RMZ clamps and the complete front end bolted right on.
  11. My VP guy showed me this. http://automotiveu.com/racevsav.htm
  12. Georgia

    If you are willing to ship it, I would suggest http://heavydutyracing.net/ He does all my port and machine work work. The guy is awesome
  13. I have had this very issue and posted in the other thread about it. I have broken 2 of them and still running a broken one as of today. One interesting piece is a couple months ago the linkage from the governor to the pv broke. After consulting with my machinist/mechanic buddy, we have come to the conclusion that the extra stress of not having that piece on the pv is what broke the linkage. Just food for thought.
  14. Virginia

    You can pit almost anywhere as long as you get back on the track where you came off. Most of the C races are under 30 miles and a stocker tank will cover it. M son used to race a CR85 with stock tank and could make the whole thing. Get your jetting correct and you should be fine.