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  1. motorman455

    09 KX450F Seat Foam

    I got mine from Factory Effex and was pleased with the firmness and perfect fit.
  2. motorman455

    Akrapovic Spark Arrestor

    I have an Akropovic Evolution system for my 2006 KX450F and my Spark Arrestor insert just slides in the end. There is a single bolt which holds it in from the bottom and there is a rubber plug covering the hole. I have to be careful not to drop the bolt while installing it as it will fall inside the endcap. I then have to remove the muffler and shake it till the bolt comes back thru the hole.
  3. For anyone who is interested, I am selling my Pro Circuit rear link on Ebay under listing #120522374062
  4. motorman455

    Pro Circuit Ti-4R vs Ti-4GP

    It is for a 2010. I am actually interested in both the Kawai EFI programmer and a Pro Circuit Exhaust. I have seen other postings with the same question on the Ti-4GP vs Ti-4R but no clear answers. I wished Pro Circuit had more info on their website (like Akropovic does). It must just come down to the muffler can size and removable end cap/spark arrestor for the GP version.
  5. motorman455

    2006 KX450F Pro Circuit Link

    For anyone looking for a used Pro Circuit rear suspension link for an '06 KX450, I am selling mine in EBAY under listing #120522374062
  6. motorman455

    Pro Circuit Ti-4R vs Ti-4GP

    Does anyone know what the differences are between the Pro Circuit Ti-4R and Ti-4GP besides the removable end cap and spark arrestor insert on the GP system? Pro Circuit claims they both have the same head pipe and mid pipe and the GP actually makes more power once the 94Db insert is romoved. Pictures of the two systems look like they have different head pipes. Why would the 4R be $100 more expensive than the GP which comes with the spark arrestor insert if they are essentially the same?
  7. motorman455

    07 KXF 450 carb problem NEED HELP ASAP

    If the problem comes back you may want to check the fuel screw. The same thing happened on my KTM with a similar Keihin carb. It turned out to be a broken oring on the fuel screw. When installing an adjustable screw, I must have snagged the oring and it split. For whatever reason, when I turned on the fuel, it would pour out the overflow hoses and not stop. I replaced the oring (it wasn't easy to find) and the problem immediately went away and never came back.
  8. motorman455

    Pro Circuit vs. Akrapovic

    I have an Akrapovic on my 06 KX450F and love it. With a JD jet kit, Boyesen quick shot and the exhaust, the throttle response borders on too fast. The welds and construction on the system are top notch. In fact, you will notice other companies like Dr D and Leo Vince copying the Akropovic Ti system with carbon fiber end cap and heat shield. Akropovic posts their dyno results and weight for many models and the gains for their systems are quite respectable (yeah I know people like to rely on seat of the pants but dynos are used by engineers and not seat of the pants). I can't compare it to the Pro Circuit exhaust performance as I have not tried them back to back. The re-packing kit was expensive though at $50. The current Euro to dollar is also driving the Akropovic prices to unrealistic levels. When I bought my system, I got it for around $650 but with their prices I'm seeing lately, I would consider a Pro Circuit or other.
  9. motorman455

    still puzzled by the 06 backfireing

    Once when I put my top end back together I got the timing chain off by 1-2 teeth and it backfired on decel. It sounded kind of like when the fuel screw is too lean but I could not make it go away by adjusting the screw. It was puzzling because the bike started on the first or second kick but it seemed a bit down on power though. Double check that the chain and both gears are aligned perfectly when the cam chain tensioner is installed and loading the chain. I found that when you install the chain and it has no tension, you may end up being off a tooth or 2 once the tensioner tightens things up.
  10. motorman455

    06 Kx450f Exhaust

    I am running a full Akrapovic system. Although not so common on dirt bikes, Akropovic are very well known for exceptional quality on street bikes. It is full titanium with carbon fiber heat shield and end cap. It also comes with a slip in spark arrestor which also takes a few Db out of the sound. Although European made, the quality is far ahead of the regular US systems you are used to seeing. Check out their website (http://www.akrapovic-exhaust.com/index.php) They post dyno charts for many bikes of all years with stock vs slip on vs full system. If you trust their dyno #'s, their gaines are very impressive. They are pricey but if you shop around you can find them for much less than list. I got mine for around $600.
  11. motorman455

    JD Jet Kit

    I have one in my current 06 KXF450. Running an Akrapovic exhaust and using the JD Blue Needle and riding 600' elevation and am very pleased. The bike has incredible throttle response, no bogs and the plug always looks perfect. Jetting is always just a 1/2 turn away with the fuel screw. I have also also used JD's kits in a previous 03 KTM525 and a CRF250X and have always been happy. If you have questions on dialing in his kit, JD is always prompt to resond to an email as well. He sells a kit with various size leak jets to improve throttle response as well.
  12. motorman455

    Looking for pro circuit linkage!

    Otis332, I had my suspension revalved by enzo at the same time i installed the link so I don't know what the link alone does, but I am very happy with the overall suspension action.
  13. motorman455

    Looking for pro circuit linkage!

    I have an 06 KXF450 Pro Circuit link that was used for 1 season. I am selling the bike in the spring so I figure I will sell the link separately. $100 plus shipping if you are interested.
  14. motorman455

    PC link for an 06?

    I have used the PC link on my 2006 KXF with decent results but I plan to sell the bike in the spring and will be removing my PC link to sell separately. $100 plus shipping if you are interetsed. It has been used for 1 season.
  15. motorman455

    2006 KX450F Manual incorrect!

    Green Rider, when my timing chain was off by a tooth I do recall it popped and cracked a bit. Kind of like when its too lean on decel but the fuel screw did nothing for it. After having it apart to adjust the valves, checking the gear mark alignment with the head is real quick. It's probably worth the 1/2 hour or so.