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  1. yamaha craig

    rattling noise in motor while idling rm 450 06

    yea i had the same problem with my 06 450. And the problem was after break it when i had it serviced there was one bolt that didnt get tightened and it got loose and fell out while i was riding and it caused a hude chain reaction and then next coolant started pouring out and so i took it back to the shop and they took it apart to find out my jounrals pushed into each other and mushroomed and caused my cam chain to break
  2. yamaha craig

    crashed rmz 450 having problems with the engine...please help!!!!

    ohh alright so am i going to need to replace the drive gear or will it go right back on
  3. hey i need some advice on something that happened to my engine and i want to see what people think it is. well heres the story....i was riding around and noticed someone built a jump about 60 feet long and you get about 35 feet in the air and its a jump that you hit going up hill. I was going to hit it and i didn't get enough speed and on the landing it had a lip and the middle of my engine where theres no engine guard hit that lip landing and i hit hard, and now when i go it sounds like something is rattling and when i shut off the engine it makes a spinning noise....please tell me what you think is wrong with it