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  1. desertrokon

    A Tribute to Rick Ramsey

    Thank You! Your web site was also a large factor in my decision to purchase a 250X, and now in which accessories to purchase!
  2. desertrokon

    Like the Chevy Avalanche?

    I have an 02 Z71 Avalanche. It is quiet, comfortable, and a pleasure to travel in. It has the Grey plastic body cladding, and if I damage it, it can be replaced. No paint or body shop involved. Yes, its ugly (that is one of things that I like), but it works for me, and I don't give a Rats _ss about what other people think of its looks.
  3. desertrokon

    Miles per tank full

    I have ridden the same combination of dirt road and single track the last 2 weekends. Colsen Canyon through Kerry Canyon Trail and back in the Los Padres NF. 41 miles the 1st and 43 miles the 2nd. Used .9 gal the 1st and .95 gal the 2nd. 05 CRF250X w no jetting or engine mods.
  4. desertrokon

    Google Earth according to CRF250 Owners

    Excellent program! I especially like the way it will let a person "fly" a route or track. I'll try to find a place to upload a couple of mine.............
  5. desertrokon

    need help need new battery!!!!!!!

  6. desertrokon

    Where are you riding TODAY?

    Rock Front Ranch area of the Los Padres NF CA
  7. I called SDG today to order a seat for my 250X and was told that they only make them for the "R". Any other options? Thanks Vic