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  1. MWSrideguy

    Stripped Valve Adjuster

    Thanks for the advice. Always nice to hear from someone that has been there.
  2. MWSrideguy

    Stripped Valve Adjuster

    Got the lock nut off, threads look fine on the nut, threads are chewed up on the adjuster stem. Look's like the rocker is coming out.
  3. Adjusting the valves today on my '07 450EXC, which I have done every 15 hours (now @ 170 hrs). Got to the last valve, and the adjuster locknut just spins. Tried to back it off, comes up half way then just spins. Is it likely I just need to remove and replace the nut, or is it likely the threaded stem is also shot and I need to replace both pieces? I have rebuilt several motors, but this is my first KTM. I assume I have to remove the rocker to replace the whole adjuster? How hard it that? Any words of wisdom appreciated.
  4. MWSrideguy

    Electrical understanding EXC RFS '07

    To convert to DC, I bought a kit. Can't remember if it was from Trail Tech or Baja Designs, or maybe someplace else. The kit came with some wire bits, a new rectifier and instructions. Had to unsolder and solder in a jumper on the stock stator, not too hard. At the same time I installed an HID headlight, and made it so I could switch it on and off. A much better setup as far as I am concerned.
  5. MWSrideguy

    Electrical understanding EXC RFS '07

    I found out the hard way why running the lights on AC is a bad idea. A couple of years ago I was doing a night dual sport event. I was sliding down a steep, loose, rocky single track trail, one of those that you really can't stop on, just pucker and try to keep it upright until you slide to the bottom. I accidently locked up the rear wheel with the clutch out, killed the engine, and POW! the lights go out! So now I am hurtling down the hill in pitch blackness, frantically trying to find the start button! I made it, but not a situation I wanted to repeat. Soon thereafer I changed it over to an all DC system.
  6. MWSrideguy

    Confued About Brake and Clutch Oil

    DOT5.1 ia a newer version of DOT4. DOT5.1 has a higher boiling point than DOT4, and they are compatable. My '07 450 EXC also has both Brembo brake and clutch, the reservoir caps say DOT4, manual says DOT5.1
  7. MWSrideguy

    Confued About Brake and Clutch Oil

    DOT5.1 ia a newer version of DOT4. DOT5.1 has a higher boiling point than DOT4, and they are compatable. My '07 450 EXC also has both Brembo brake and clutch, the reservoir caps say DOT4, manual says DOT5.1
  8. MWSrideguy

    Locking Up My RFS

    I had my local auto parts store order some- came in the next day.
  9. MWSrideguy

    Bike too tall for me

    +1 for Javier at Trail Tricks. I'm 5'-7", had it lowered 1.5" and am very happy.
  10. MWSrideguy

    Help with YTZ7S battery

    I put the upgraded battery on my '07 450 EXC with a fan. Lots of single track with no problems over a year.
  11. MWSrideguy

    06 exc low seat

    I took it to a pro- Javier at Trail Tricks.
  12. MWSrideguy

    06 exc low seat

    I'm 5'-7" with a 29" inseam. I bought a EE super soft seat, hoping it would squish down enough to help (it didn't). So I cut 1" off of the seat. This helped, but I was feeling the seat pan after a few hours ( I often ride 100 - 200 miles a day). I then carved out a pocket and inserted a 1/2" gel pad covered with two 1/8" layers of foam. This did the trick- I can use it all day and it is 1" lower than stock. That still wasn't enough, so I had the suspension lowered 1-1/2- Now I can touch the ground- great when picking your way through a rocky wash or get stuck on a nasty hill!
  13. MWSrideguy

    Who Has There Suspesion Done?????

    Javier from Trail Tricks did mine- amazingly good.
  14. MWSrideguy

    450EXC Airbox and Deep Water Crossings

    The bike ran fine after I pumped out all of the water- I rode it another 200 miles that day (not a lot of optiions for an oil change in the middle of the desert). It didn't miss a beat! I'm curious if there is any water in the oil when I drain it. I would just like to avoid that scene again.
  15. Did my first deep water crossing (aobut 2 feet deep) on the '07 450 EXC this weekend on the LABtoV dual sport ride- made it half way across slow and seady when the bike stalled, and hitting the starter button yielded only a clunk. Long story short, the engine was hydrolocked- pulled the plug and pumped about 2 cups of wate out of the cylinder. Wrang out the air filter and drained the float bowl. Bike started up again and ran another 200 miles to Vegas. I read the threads this evening on this forum about KTM airbox problems, and just wanted to agree what a poor engineering job KTM did on the airbox (and yes, I had already vented the carb hoses up high). While I was pumping water out of my engine, I saw lots of KTM's make it through the water. Is there some secret initiation one has to go through before they tell you the secret? The flap in the front has about a 1/4" gap at the bottom- no wonder water got in! Any words of wisdom in sealing up this piece of swiss cheese? (by the way, I could run my DRZ up to the bottom of the seat with no issues).