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  1. ok Gray...easy on the motion pro chain riveting tool..lol. I've been using mine professionally for year with no broken pins. However, i can see your point.. alot of people break them to bits
  2. ** marks up one..no, two explanation points for gray...well said.
  3. just got my supermoto on the road this week. I'd def ride/race in the region (la, ms, al)
  4. agreed... i have (and still do) worked for many dealerships..most of the dirtbikes we get in are trashed and the dealer will take whatever he can get out of it.. i'd check around some more first....good luck
  5. I had no problem getting insurance even before mine was street legal. I got the tag this week. Differs from state to state but all i had to do was show the title and proof of inspection (it did work to my advantage that im a licensed inspector..lol). As for not getting a lighting coil and just using a battery for lights, rem that most states require high beam lights for motorcycles even during the day. Hope that helps, Kevin.