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  1. one3three

    what kind of 41mm fcr is this?

    thanks matie for the headsup! can anyone identify this carb? just gotten my hands on this old-skool workhorse and came across the carb. bike pulls like a freight train in short burst but nothing to shout about. anyone knows if this is the right carb for a 98 wr400f? many thanks in advance
  2. hi could any of you gurus help me identify the type of this 41mm fcr? is this the 41mm fcr MX or...? carb looks clean but have yet to open up this carb. doesn't appear to have a hot start tho...
  3. one3three

    wr400f lighting issues

    capacitor?? forgive me but i'm an electrical retard, didn't even go through the electricals when i got her ages ago.. i know xr's have a capacitor attached to the rectifier but on the yama, i can only see the rectifier / regulator attached to the left side of the steering frame, no capacitor is attached do i have to lift the fuel tank? am looking through the parts catalog but can't seem to find one can someone spoon feed me pls... also, iopened up the headlight mask, headlamp bulb (3 prong type) top runs power, both sides grounded to the frame.. i also thought a single ground would do the trick.. is the dual ground right or should i also pull one off?? thanks a tonne!
  4. one3three

    wr400f lighting issues

    got a 98 (five years ago) when its idling headlight flickers.. when i throttle her a little, headlight glows brighter idling doesn't do a thing to the signal lights unless i do 1/2 throttle is it a wiring problem, rectifier or stator problem??
  5. one3three

    Yet Another Non-Starting XR400

    squirt of engine ignitor?
  6. one3three

    dr350 in silly pore

    hi got a friend riding this 1990 dr350.. apparently there's 2 types 1. kickstart 2. electric well anyway he's got the kickstart type. was playing with the jets & he lost both his slow & mains couldn't remember what sizes he used.. anyone can help him out a bit we're on sea level 30°C uni filter thanks heaps!!!
  7. one3three

    Where to get jets other than honda?

    we have them in singapore dollars at 5.50 main & 6.5 slow? heaps cheaper than in your countries i think.. yes its the real deal drunken "K"
  8. one3three

    Good XR400 Info

    good info really educational!
  9. one3three

    Finally....Some pictures of my Bike.

    sweet ride ya have there!!!
  10. one3three

    stator rewind which putty?

    thanks trailryder42, will try to get the epoxy together & will strip them poles bare!!! should be easier as splicing would be eliminated thanks for the heads up
  11. one3three

    stator rewind which putty?

    hi am gonna tear down the stator in a few hrs. can i simply take out the existing wires & rewire all the poles or should i just do the add ons & splice solder those buggers? can i also use devcon expoy putty instead of the 3m 2216 as i do not know of the flash point of the devcon its said to be 125°C would it be alright? any info would be appreciated thanks
  12. one3three

    really dumb question

    i've got a question regarding rockers.... don't really know bout them functions & stuff? anyone here to enlighten or to point me to a page cos i can't seem to find anyting on it. appreciate it many thanks in advance
  13. one3three

    Do I miss the XR?

    my 440 could bitch slap that w/its rear end lol lol ha ha ha
  14. hi any1 can recommed the jetting? XR400 on a stock set up i was doin w/o baffle, snorkel out twin air at sea level 32°C w/main 165 slow 60 now that i'm on a system would i need to upgrade to main 170 slow 65? or just shifting the clip position on the needle would suffice? maybe its me but i kinda feel more heat from the headers as compared to stock!!! am i paranoid????
  15. Hi , Can anyone advise the recommended jettings for the XR400 w/snorkel out, full Yoshi system? stock carb.. would a slow 65 main 170 suffice? before the yoshi on stock end can w/o baffle was main 162 slow 62? i'm on sea level,twin air,32 deg c thanks a million cheers