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  1. Thanx for the help guys.
  2. My sons 03 50sx acts like the choke is on and if you hold it wide open it will act the ignition cuts in and out and sometimes it will clean out on top end but you let off and it will quit. I installed a new plug NGK B8 RES and no difference and pulled the bowl off the carb no water in it and blew out the main jet. The tank has 100 ll gas in it...... help me please !
  3. If I put a pipe on my 07 RMZ will I loose bottom end to gain on the top ?
  4. Sounds to me like the tps. I have disconnected them on every sled I have owned.
  5. Looks as if the rad hose is off of the water pump on the 08 just like on the cover of Dirt Bike magazine.
  6. Holy wheelies batman! My hand ache after 10 min of riding. What oil should I use in it ? I have been on and off the throttle and thru the gears as far as break in goes, what else should I do ?
  7. I'm buying a new 07 RMZ450 tomorow. I'm so excited I could just sh!t. Any tips or for warnings ?
  8. What happened to the RM's that blew up ? How much is an hour meter ?
  9. Are the RM's not reliable ?
  10. I had an 03 yz 450 and sold it now I'm looking at an 07 RM (great rebates) and ther are no yz450's left around. I am not a racer nor brand loyal to anything but I did cherrish my YZ. OPINIONS PLEASE.
  11. I'm looking at an RM too comming from an 03 yz450. I wanted a new 07 YZ but they are all gone. Does the YZ hold the same amount of oil as the RM ? How do the RM's stand up compared to the YZ's. I dont race and basically ride track and trails for fun with my kids. I changed my oil about every 5 tanks of gas and cleaned the filter the same time and had no issues with it at all. The valves had been set once but I never rode it that hard either.
  12. I mainly want a bike to ride with my kids and I sold my 03 450 to be a grown up but that didn't work and now the sales are on the 250f and 250 2smokes . I dont race but I ride on track and want to ride on trails more than ever.I need some opinions (not about my wide arse ) on which bike.
  13. I just sold my 03 YZ 450 and rode an 07 YZ and loved it. I dont race but plan on getting a an 07 YZ 450 until I read this thread. Does the reliability of the two bikes compare? How about the valve adjustments etc?
  14. I rode an 07 450 last night and thats what I want. What a difference from my 03 450. I think my 03 was more violent an harder to ride . Time to find an 07.
  15. I am going to try and find a deal in Bellingham Washington because its close to Vancouver (closest to the boarder for me ). Anyone have any suggestions where to call ?