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  1. mudbum

    Battery Questions

    I might have a answer for you on that clicking noise. I have 2003 model and have had lots of starter problems. I thought that clicking nise was the battery. But after recharging I found no improvments. I pulled the starter apart and found the the copper plates at the base of the electric motors windings get pitted from electrical burns and stuffs the contact with the bushes. I suggest you pull it apart and clean the guts of the starter motor, and use an electrical tester to check that the comutator plates are contacting the windings in the motor. See how you go.
  2. mudbum

    03WR450 mods

    Are you sure that the parts you list are all the bit you need? I recently went to a Yamaha mechanic and asked to look at their factory warranty report regarding this 03 to 04 starter upgrade. They said they had done heeps of upgrades under warranty and the whole flywheel case and other parts also need replacing to fit the new starter idle gear. They quoted me $1500 for Just the parts. I'm really interested to see if your upgrade works. Please let us know because I've given up on the starter on my WR. As far as I can tell , there are 3 design problems with the starter and this upgrade will only fix one of the problems.
  3. mudbum

    03WR450 mods

    The US emission standards are tougher than the OZ ones so our WR's are less restricted.