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  1. kochi

    ohh no, not a 3x3 question again

    Hi, I've got my DJ kit today ... and installed it this afternoon. Installation itself was easier than expected. Unfortunately I have some problems : 1. I do have serious off-idle bog (quick turns on the throttle and it dies). 2. The performance at lower RPM's is really bad (compared to mid and higher RPM's where the mod seems to work perfectly). 3. Sometimes I also experienced bog at lower RPM's (see 2.) Current config : 3x3 Airbox hole DJ Needle 4'th clip MJ 142.5 PJ 25 Fuel screw something between 2-3 turns out (CRD absolute performance III exhaust) From what I've read on the Forum, my best guess is that I'm running too rich. I'll try to put the DJ needle on the 3th clip ... but any other hints are welcome. Thanks in advance, cu, kochi
  2. kochi

    ohh no, not a 3x3 question again

    An you've moded your DRZ with a Dynojet/3x3 kit too ? If yes, I would apreciate your detailed settings ... thanks in advance, yours, kochi
  3. kochi

    ohh no, not a 3x3 question again

    Thanks Neil, I guess the UK model won't differ from any other EU versions I will go for the 142.5mj 25pj setup ... wish me luck and a hassle free installation cu, kochi
  4. Hi, I basically found all information needed to 3x3/DJ mod my DR-Z400S (EU model) with a CRD Absolute Performance III aftermarket exhaust. The only question left, is if there's a difference between the US carbs an the EU models ? an therefor I need different jetting for the planned modification ? (sorry for the 1000x 3x3 post, but I couldn't find a concrete answer to my question ). Thanks in advance, Greetings from Luxembourg, yours, kochi
  5. Hi, Just a small question ... Are there any TT-shop down-loadable PDF-catalogs available ? (Just to have the catalogs available offline ...) Thanks for any hints, yours, kochi
  6. kochi

    Dr-z 400 Sm Nikko G-pack

    Save your money, Apparently the so called G-Pack can be reproduced by simply removing the pink wire that goes to your CDI box. I've done it myself, but honestly I could not feel any difference at all, Up to you ... cya, kochi