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    Isn't it kinda obvious? lol
  1. Suzuki

    ya im thinkin in the upper 60's sounds about right
  2. Suzuki

    I was wondering what the top speed of a 2005 dead stock Z400 is. thanks!
  3. Suzuki

    I would like to go to a 453, who makes this kit? That way ill be right in ther with 450r's and yfz's
  4. Suzuki

    Lets face it 400 ex's S U C K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive been a honda guy all of my life but when I wanted to buy a 400 I went for what was proven to be the best new quad, a Z400!!!!!!! yes folks thats a SUZUKI!!! Honda needs to wake up and then they will get my loyalty back!
  5. Suzuki

    I think it taps out at 9800 but i could be wrong. Idk we'll jus see what happens, i might just put a Dyna ignition on it and be done
  6. Suzuki

    I had one on my Recon before I sold it and i used their plastic clamp that came with it and i had it on ther for 3 years and it never moved an inch. It's a good buy!
  7. Suzuki

    I researched for 6 months before i bought my 05' Z and let me tell you it is definetly the one to beat until the z-450 comes out! For what you plan on using it for it will be great!
  8. Suzuki

    sweet, how bout u guys post up some of theese disabling procedures!
  9. Suzuki

    The deal i was talking about is straight from AXE racing so it is all new stuff, well, im sure whatever i pick the SOB will rip!
  10. Suzuki

    IDK guys the limiter is jus kinda a pain in the asz lol
  11. Suzuki

    It could be a bearing, it could be a bent rotor, it could be a number of things, how big was the jump and how hard did you land? you never know it might jus be a piece of brush caught in there
  12. Suzuki

    I've heard good stuff about all of the pipes, I even looked at the pulse charger sys. and it made some really impressive #'s on the YFZ but it's $500. I found a deal on a full HMF and a center skidplate for $500. I'm not cheap or nething its jus that I jus spent my life savings on this beast and im scratching for cash lol
  13. Suzuki

    Thanks guys!
  14. Suzuki

    Is it worth it to go for the full system or is a slip on good enough? I want the max power!!!!
  15. Suzuki

    Thanks, the HMF sounds good , i jus plain old dont have the cash for a yoshi lol